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About Us

HairExtensionsBff was built on a love for all things hair extensions, and a dream to create a hair care line that would be suitable for all hair extension brands.

Our founder, who started her career as a hair extension technician, discovered that a homemade treatment she offered her clients when their hair extensions were feeling dry, was helping to increase the longevity of tired hair extensions, reviving them, and keeping them soft and shiny for longer.

Fast forward to 2015, and HairExtensionsBff was born, an aftercare company dedicated to hair extension care, which is home to our preshampoo treatment that made 2019 Hair Awards Finalist for star product, and our Hair Extension Detangler which won Best Multi Purpose Brush in the 2019 Hair Awards.

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The Products

HairExtensionsBff is one of the only brands to specialise exclusively in hair extension care. When it comes to hair extension care, over-the-counter products just aren’t up to the challenge, therefore we created a range that is seriously EXTRA when it comes to nourishment. Our products are designed to give you back your dream hair before it got ruined, and to stop your hair extensions becoming dry in the first place.

HairExtensionsBff products are designed by hair extension experts, taking into consideration all elements required to produce high-quality hair care that works with your hair extensions and not against them. Our founder has over 15 years of experience in the hair extension industry, from working as a thriving hair extension technician to heading up a leading UK hair extension brand, which is supported by international session stylists, worn by celebrities, and seen on national television shows.

We believe over-the-counter products are created with mass production in mind, therefore they contain cheaper ingredients, or high quality ingredients in lower concentrations. The most common substituted elements are sulphates, silicones and natural ingredients. All of our products have components which are designed to work with your hair extensions; preventing them from becoming dry and increasing their longevity. Our shampoo, for example, is SLS free, which works by replacing the surfactant with a gentler ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate). Our pre-shampoo treatment is all natural, instead of being full of silicones and artificial ingredients like most over-the-counter products.  Treatments which contain silicone give an illusion of silky shine, whereas our treatment works from within, nourishing the hair rather than sitting on top. Our products also include nature’s most nourishing oils such as coconut and amla – so it’s no surprise our formula was named a finalist in the 2019 hair awards for star product.


Trusted by Experts

Our products have also been recognised by industry experts, winning best hair extension detangler in the 2019 hair awards, and being a finalist with our pre-shampoo treatment in the star product category.

HairExtensionsBff (formerly known as Hairapeutix) is currently stocked by some of the UK’s leading hair extension suppliers and has been reviewed by many beauty bloggers and magazines, such as Hair MagazineSimply Styling, Good Salon GuideEmTalks and Lipstick On Tea Cups.

Find out more on our Tried and Tested page.

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