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The Story

Created by hair extension addicts, HairExtensionsBff was built on a love for all things hair extensions, and a dream to create a haircare line that would be suitable for all hair extension brands.

We don’t do basic here, we have created products that work well and look great.

If you don’t have a HairExtensionBff bathroom, do you even know about hair extensions at all?!

The Products

HairExtensionsBff is one of the only brands to specialise exclusively in hair extension care.

When it comes to hair extension care, some otc products can be absolutely savage on your new hair, therefore we created a range that is seriously EXTRA when it comes to nourishment.  Our products are designs to give you back your dream hair before it got totally ruined!

Tried and tested on leading hair extension brands.

The Range

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  • hairextensionsbff pr box hair extension products
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    PR Box

  • hair extension shampoo and conditioner by hairextensionsbff
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  • hair extensions comb shower comb hairextensionsbff
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