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Product Information

Our Hairapeutix preshampoo treatment is another name for a hair mask, as it is designed to be used BEFORE you shampoo.  Preshampoo hair masks are applied to hair whilst it is dry, so that it can be soaked into the hair before being washed out.

There are two reasons for this.  The first, is that as this is an intensive conditioning treatment we consider it to be therapeutic for you hair, hair…therapeutic…extensions…Hairapeutix.

The second reason is that back when the company was established in 2015, the original brand name was in fact “Hairapeutix”, however after a rebrand in 2018 the brand was renamed HairExtensionsBff which better suited the product range and market.

For best resulted our preshampoo treatment should be applied to your hair extensions when they are dry, so that the treatment can be absorbed.  

Yes, our treatment can be applied to wet hair, however you will get the best results by applying to the hair whilst it is still dry.

For best results we would recommend leaving the treatment in overnight, however if you do not have time, then a 30 minute soak will also do the trick.  

Our formula is lightweight so it’ll wash out with just one rinse of shampoo and conditioner.  We would recommend using the HairExtensionsBff shampoo and conditioner, as this has been designed to be compatible with hair extensions for daily use.

Work the shampoo through your hair when you wash, focusing on the mid lengths and ends where the treatment has been applied.

Depending on your hair type, you may need two shampoo rinses followed by conditioner.

In order to keep your hair extensions in the best condition possible, we would recommend using the treatment once a week.  

Our products are designed for use with human hair extensions. The little sachets protect and restore to help improve the overall condition of your extensions.  We only use natural and organic ingredients in our treatment, with absolutely no chemicals or artificial colourings.

Our treatment is perfect for anyone – whether you’re suffering from dry hair or your locks just need a conditioning boost. Each little sachet helps to improve the texture and manageability of your hair, adding shine and softness.  Those that don’t wear hair extensions have found it to be particularly helpful if their natural hair is dry from over colour, processing or excessive heated tool use.

Our treatment is pretty simple to use, therefore if you are looking to revive your air extensions, check out our handy guide here.

There are no side effects if you stop using the Hairapeutix preshampoo treatment, however we do recommend sticking with the regular treatments to keep up the condition of your hair in order to make your hair extensions last longer.

As our treatment only contains natural and organic ingredients, it does not alter the colour of hair extensions.  This has been tested by leaving the treatment on light blonde hair for a week, with no discolouration what so ever, therefore you can feel confident that our treatment cannot change the colour of your hair.

Our treatment is an oil formula, so naturally is has a greasy consistency.  It is however a very light formula, and washes out very easily.

The weight of the sachet has been carefully calculated to give hair extensions the right amount of coverage without over soaking the hair, therefore 15ml should be more than enough to coat the mid lengths and ends of your hair extensions.  The only exception to this would be if you have very very thick and long hair extensions, where you may need 2 sachets, however we have found this to be rare. If you are having trouble distributing the product, we would recommend purchasing a shower comb in order to help you comb the product through.

When wearing hair extensions it is really important to ensure you are using a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for you hair.  It needs to have the ability to clean the hair without drying it out, and it needs to sufficiently remove tangles in order to make brushing the hair when wet easier.  Our formula is SLS and sodium chloride free, meaning we have used ingredients that are gentle on the hair.

Sulphates, are the ingredients in a shampoo that make the product foam up.  This is useful in a shampoo as it enables the product to be spread evenly and thoroughly through the hair.  It is also the ingredient which helps to remove grease from the hair. Shampoos which are sulphate free do not have a foaming agent, and are therefore very difficult to spread.  They are also not as effective at removing grease and styling products, which is also problematic, as hair extensions not washed properly will not only look poor in quality, but will also irritate the scalp.  

Most high street shampoos will use a product known as sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate as its foaming agent, which is cheap and known for striping away natural oils from the hair.  Therefore our formula is SLS free and contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate. ALS is a far gentler sulphate which will allow the formula to foam a little in order to help you distribute the product, but will not strip your hair from natural oils like most high street shampoos.

Yes it does, and there is a very good reason for this.  It is a common misconception that hair extensions should be washed with a silicone free formula.  This is partly try, however many do not give the specific details of what this means.

Firstly, silicones in conditioners are what makes them conditioners.  It’s the product which smooths the cuticle, making the hair easier to brush, softer to touch and shinier to look at.  Without silicone, a conditioner wouldn’t be a conditioner. The important bit about a conditioner however, is what type of silicone is in the product.  Cheap highstreet conditioners usually contain an ingredient called Amodimethicone. It’s an inexpensive non water soluble ingredient which coats the hair to give the appearance and feel of soft healthy hair.  It is however, only a coating, so the condition of the hair underneath has not actually changed. What’s worse, is that as the product is not water soluble, washing your hair may not effectively remove all of the coating (especially if you are using a shampoo with no sulphates), and therefore overtime you will get product build up which sits on the hair, stops treatments working and can lead to the hair feeling sticky and waxy.

Our treatment contains a premium silicone that is water soluble, Dimethicone Copolyol also known as PEG/PPG-20/20 Dimethicone.  This means it is lightweight, and will easily washout between washes.  This is the key when being careful with silicones when purchasing a conditioner.  It is not a case of finding a silicone free shampoo (as quite frankly, a conditioner without silicones wouldn’t be a conditioner), it’s about finding the RIGHT silicones.

The shampoo is a light brown as it contains natural vanilla fragrance rather than synthetic fragrance, which is what gives is a dark colour.

No, the shampoo does not deposit any colour onto your hair, and therefore will not stain or colour is.

Absolutely, all HairExtensionBff products can be used on both hair extensions and natural hair.

Our dual bristle detangler is a best seller, and for good reason.  The dual bristle technology makes brushing hair extensions super easy.  Check out everything you need to know about our detangler here. 

Our customer service team aim to get back to all inquiries within 24-48 hours, so drop as an email at hello@hairextensionsbff.com and our team will take a look.

Yes, our brush is suitable for all hair types.

Company Information and Policies

We are a brand dedicated to producing aftercare products specifically for those who wear hair extensions.  We are hair extension enthusiasts who live, eat and breathe all things hair extension, which is why we have created bespoke products to fill a gap in the market for high quality formulas that actually work.

We sell a range of hair care products suitable for use with hair extensions.  Our best sellers are our hairapeutix preshampoo treatment, and our detangler, both finalists in the 2019 Hair Awards.

We are based in the UK 🙂

We offer worldwide shipping on all products!  Typically UK orders will arrive in 2-3 days, Europe 5-7 days and International 7-10 days.  

If you are in the UK, we have a next day delivery option which is £6.99.

Typically UK orders will arrive in 2-3 days, Europe 5-7 days and International 7-10 days.

HairExtensionsBff complies with the UK’s standard distance selling regulations.  If you change your mind about your purchase, you are very welcome to return the products for a refund or exchange.  

Yes, if you are purchasing outside of the UK there will we basic import duties to pay, you will be contacted once the item reaches your local delivery depot and arranging payment is usually very simple.

It’s rare, but don’t worry, if you have placed an order but not received the item, please contact our team and hellp@hairextensionsbff.com who will be happy to help you.

Any problems with your order at all, please contact our customer services team at hello@hairextensionsbff.com who will be happy to help.

We usually ship orders within 24 hours of the order being placed, however if you would like to make any changes please contact our customer services team at hello@hairextensionsbff.com who will do their best to help.