Are Silicones Safe For Hair Extensions?

Are Silicones Bad For Your Hair

Silicones are an ingredient found in many haircare products and cosmetics, and many find themselves unsure as to whether these are actually any good for the long term health of our hair, or whether silicone is safe for hair.

Found in nearly every hair conditioner on the market that is not produced using natural ingredients, silicones coat the hair in a plastic like substance which sits on the hair’s surface giving the appearance of silky soft and smooth hair.

Silicones are an essential ingredient in products such as conditioners, as this is what produces the desired effect of tangle free, shiny hair, but appearances can be deceiving.  Just because your hair looks and feels silky soft, shiny and healthy after using a silicone product…doesn’t mean it actually it.

What Are Silicones?

Common silicones found in hair products include dimethicone, cetyl dimethicone, cetearyl methicone, dimethiconol, stearyl dimethicone, cyclomethicone, amodimethicone, trimethylsilylamodimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane…essentially, if the word contains the letters “cone” somewhere within it, this is most likely a silicone ingredient.

Why Is Silicone Bad For Hair?

As a hair conditioner is a stable part of any girls beauty routine, over time the silicones found within your conditioner will begin to leave a silicone buildup in the hair.  This plastic coating which is now sitting on your hair will begin to weigh your hair down, causing it to become limp, lifeless and dull.  Not only this, but the plastic like coating will also prevent moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, so any healthy haircare products you are applying are not being able to break through the silicone shield that is now sitting your hair.  Worse still, the coating will act like a magnet for dirt and other ingredients, not a nice thought.

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Does Silicone Damage Hair?

Silicones damages hair by coating the hair in a plastic like substance, which hides any actual hair damage giving the illusion of healthy hair.  Silicone damages hair by preventing the hair from absorbing sebum, the natural oil produced from the scalp, as well as any other nourishing treatment you may use.  Silicone build up can also prevent hair from colouring correctly, as well as being bad for the environment.

Those seeking healthy hair should be looking for hair products without silicone, in order to prevent and repair hair damage.

Hair Conditioner Without Silicone

HairapeutixSilicone free conditioners benefit your hair health as they allow moisture to penetrate the hairs shaft, so the ingredients can absorb into the hair to protect, strengthen, and increase the shine and overall appearance of your hair.  

Non silicone conditioners like natural oils have a unique ability to produce similar results to silicones, which actually benefit your hair in the long run, rather than offering a temporary mask that will cause your hair to worsen overtime.

Silicone Free Hair Products

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How To Keep Hair Extensions Silky

Whether you are looking to use a silicone free product on your natural hair to smooth and moisturise, or if you are a hair extension wearer looking to improve the quality of your hair extensions, our silicone free all natural treatment is quick and easy to use.

How To Use A Silicone Free Conditioner

HairapeutixStep 1:

Apply 1 sachet of Hairapeutix pre-shampoo treatment to dry hair, allowing the natural oils to soak into the hair.

Step 2:

Leave our pre-shampoo treatment overnight, or for a minimum of 30 minutes to let it work its magic

Step 3:

Rinse treatment using your usual shampoo, but skip the conditioner.

Step 4:

Dry and style your hair as normal, revealing beautiful soft and nourished tresses.

Step 5:

Run your finger around the inside of the sachet and use a pea sized amount to smooth any flyaways.

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