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Best Brush for Bonded Hair Extensions

If you have bonded hair extensions, you may be wondering if it is safe to use your regular hairbrush with your hair extensions, or if you should be using a specific brush for your hair extension type.

Bonded hair extensions are secured to the hair using a keratin glue-like substance, which fuses the bond to the hair, forming a tight seal. Bonded hair extensions usually last between 3-4 months before they need to be removed, and it is very important that you are using the right products on your bonded hair extensions, as this will ensure they last as long as possible. Using the wrong products on your bonded hair extensions could cause damage to your natural hair, and mean your hair extensions needs to be removed sooner, so it is very important to be using bonded hair extension appropriate products.

Use the correct brush!

An absolute must when you have bonded hair extensions is a hair extension brush.  It is super important that you have a brush that is able to cope with the complexities of this hair extension type, in order to care for your natural hair and hair extensions efficiently.

Bonded hair extensions need a specific brush type due to this fitting method being very temperamental. As keratin is used to fuse the bond to the hair, the glue-like substance can become sticky over time, and start to break down during the time you are wearing your hair extensions. This means that your natural hair can begin to get stuck to the outside of your hair extension bonds and cause a nasty case of hair extension matting.  Fortunately, our hair extension brush offers a solution to this common issue, as our hair extension brush has been designed with this is mind, which is why it has 2 different types of bristles.

The long and short bristles are designed to work together, in order to detangle your hair, but to also gently brush through the bonds. These two types of bristles allow the brush to run over the hair extension bonds, unsticking any hairs that might have become trapped, but without actually pulling on the bonds.

This is a game changer for hair extension wearers, as it means you can brush your bonded hair extensions from root to tip with ease, making it much easier to care for your hair extensions and stopping them from tangling.

The dual brustle design also has additional benefits in that the boar bristles are designed to increase shine and smooth the hair cuticle, so not only is brushing your bonded hair extensions easy, your hair will also be shiny and soft to touch once you are finished.

Our hair extension brush is so popular that it even won the 2019 hair awards for Best Multi Purpose Brush, so don’t just take our word for it, this brush is life changing.

You can shop our bonded hair extension brush here.

How to brush your bonded hair extensions

Even once you have the right brush, it is important that you know how to get the best from it, so here we have outlined our top tips for brushing your bonded hair extensions.

Brushing bonded hair extensions when your hair is dry

Whether you are brushing your hair after waking up for the day, having a little tidy up on your lunch break, or styling for a night out, you must always make sure that you brush your hair gently at first, holding your hair in a ponytail at the base of your neck, so that if there are any large tangles you can remove those easily without putting any unexpected pressure on the bonded.  Once you have brushed through the lengths of your hair, you can then brush through from root to tip, working your way through slowly.  Our brush is designed to glide over your bonded hair extensions, so you wont need to worry about pulling or snagging on the bonds.

Brushing bonded hair extensions when your hair is wet

When your hair is wet, this is when it will be at its weakest.  Whilst your bonds should have been fitted so that they are watertight, it is possible that water can sneak into the bond, which means that not only is your hair weak, but so are your hair extension bonds.

Once you have washed your hair, it is a good idea to first detangle using a shower comb such as our HairExtensionsBff shower comb.  This will help to remove any large tangles and is nice and gentle on your hair whilst it is wet and weak.  Once you have removed the larger tangles, you can then get to work with your hair extension brush.  

Hold your hair extensions at the nape of your neck in a ponytail, and use your hair extension brush to work through the lengths of your hair.  Once you have smoothed out the lengths and they are tangle free, you can now start to work around the roots.  Focusing on a small section at a time, work from bottom to top in short strokes to remove any tangles as you go.  By doing this you are putting minimal tension on the bonds, and helping to maintain them for longer.

Once your hair is fully brushed through, it is important to dry your bonds using a low heat setting hair dryer.  Leaving your bonds to air dry could result in the bonds becoming sticky, which will then cause some of your natural hairs to stick to the bonds, which could then lead to matting, so it is important to fully dry your bonds after washing your hair.  

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