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Best Brush for Nano Ring Extensions

It is really important when you have nano ring hair extensions, that you are using the best brush for them.  Nano rings are one of the smallest methods of hair extension fittings, however, they are also the most temperamental, and more prone the slippage than any other method.  It is, for this reason, that you might be on the hunt for the best brush for nano ring hair extensions, having already lost a few of your bonds after your fitting.

The best brush for nano ring hair extensions is a brush that is super gentle on the nano rings and causes absolute minimal tugging.  Nano rings are only held in place with a teeny tiny ring, with a small amount of hair inside, so there isn’t much room for error.  Even snagging a tiny amount of hair could lead to your hair extensions falling out, so brushing your hair extensions is a delicate job.

Due to this issue, HairExtensionBff created a brush perfect for use with nano ring hair extensions, due to its dual bristle design.  We combined long flexible bristles which can work around your nano rings without tugging or pulling, with a cluster of boar bristles are the base of the flexi bristle, helping to smooth the hairs cuticle, prevent frizz and reduce static.  By combining the two bristle types, your nano ring hair extensions will be easy to brush, and less likely to fall out due to too much pulling from hair brushing.

Winner of the 2019 Hair Awards Best Multi Purpose Brush, our design has been given the seal of approval by industry experts, and is helping girls internationally take better care of their nano ring hair extensions.

Best Way To Brush Your Nano Ring Hair Extensions

To stop your nano ring hair extensions from falling out when you brush them, the best way to brush your hair is by holding your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck, and very gently brushing in short strokes from tip the root, a couple of inches at a time.  Holding you hair in this way will make sure that when you are brushing out any tangles, your nano rings are not having to deal with too much pressure.  Once you have brushed the entire ponytail and it is nice and smooth, you can work your way through the roots of your hair.  The brush is designed to glide over the nano rings, so dont worry about it snagging.

If you are brushing your nano ring hair extensions after you have washed them, you will need to follow the same advice as above, however, it is advisable to use a wide-tooth comb first before going in with the hair extension brush.  When your nano ring hair extensions are wet, they are much more likely to slip, therefore if you use a wide-tooth comb you can remove some of the bigger tangles even more slowly, helping to save any of your nano rings they may have fallen out.

You should also be making sure that before you go to bed, you are separating and brushing through your bonds to prevent any tangling.  You simply need to run your fingers in and around your nano rings, and you should be able to feel if there are any hair trapped, or wrapped around the nano rings that shouldn’t be there.  You can then section your hair, taking the time to use your nano ring hair extension brush to ensure the hair is as tangle-free as possible because securing your hair and heading to bed.

By looking after your nano ring hair extensions with a specialise brush like our HairExtensionsBff hairbrush, you should find that your hair extensions last longer, look smoother, and are less damaging to your natural hair in the long run.


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