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Best Brush for Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions have become extremely popular since they were first introduced, and it’s easy to see why. They are quick to fit, look great, and easy to remove, however like most other hair extension types, tape hair extensions need to be looked after correctly in order to last as long as possible.

One very important factor for caring for your tape hair extensions is finding the best brush for tape hair extensions. Considering you brush your tape hair extensions multiple times a day, it is vital that you are using a product that has been designed for your hair extension type.

Our award-winning HairExtensionsBff brush is the best brush for tape hair extensions, as its dual bristle design solves many of the problems traditional hair brushes cause when brushing your tape hair extensions.  Winning the 2019 hair awards for Best Multi-Purpose Brush, our dual bristle design is great for tape hair extensions, as it is able to detangle the lengths of your hair, whilst also gliding over your tape fittings.  Traditional hair brushes tend to put tension on the tape fittings, and arent always able to reach around the fittings to free any trapped hairs, causing potential problems with tangling and matting.

One of the reasons our hair extension brush is so great for tape hair extensions is because the dual bristles are able to work around the tape pieces.  One bristle is designed to be long and flexible, whereas the other is short and dense, and it is this combination working together that is a dream for hair extension wearers, and a game-changer in terms of daily brushing.  

As tape hair extensions are secured by sandwiching your natural hair between two sticky layers, over time, the tape can start to become sticky around the edges, which can lead to some of your natural hair sticking to the outside of the tape.  If left, this can cause the hair to become tangled and can make the tape hair extensions challenging to remove.  Our tape hair extension brush with its different length bristles can gently work around the tape strips, freeing any loose hair that may have become stuck, helping to prevent tangling and matting.

How To Brush Tape Hair Extensions

When you wear hair extensions, it is important to keep a brush on you at all times, as it is good practice to brush your hair extensions regularly.  The correct way to brush your hair extensions is to gather your hair in a ponytail around the nape of your neck, and slowly brush through from tip to root.  If you brush your hair from root to tip, you will make any tangled in your hair extensions harder to remove, so doing it this way will not only stop your hair from breaking, but it will also prevent any unnecessary pressure on your tape pieces.

In addition to daily brushing, you should also be taking the time to do a thorough brush through at the end of every day, ideally before bed.  By this, we mean sectioning your hair so that you can detangle any hairs that may have become trapped or stuck to each of the tape sections.  Go through your hair tape by tape, feeling with your fingers to see if there are any trapped hairs that need to be gently brushed free, and making sure there aren’t any sections that feel matted.  This should only take 5-10 minutes but is well worth it in terms of making sure your hair extensions are in the best condition possible.

How to Brush Tape Hair Extensions After Washing

Brushing your tape hair extensions after you have washed them will be slightly different to when the hair is dry.  The main reason for this is that your hair and your tape fitting will be weak when wet, so you need to apply a different approach in order to prevent causing any problems.

Firstly, once you have washed your hair, it is recommended that you use a wide tooth comb, like the HairExtensionBff shower comb to remove any big tangles.  Once this is complete, you can use your HairExtensionsBff Tape Hair Extension Brush to detangle your hair.  Working your way from tip to root, brush your hair an inch at a time to slowly remove any tangles.  This will make sure you are putting only the minimal amount of pressure on the bonds whilst they are wet.  Once you have brush all the way through you can move on to drying your hair extensions.  Tape hair extensions should not be left to air dry, as this can cause the tape to feel sticky around the edges, so it is important to use a low heat setting blow dryer to dry your hair after washing.


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