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Best Serum for Hair Extensions

Using conditioning treatments has been a practice used for hundreds of years in order to keep our hair looking soft and tangle free.  Even the Ancient Egyptians used homemade treatments of Castor Oil and Almond Oil to protect their hair from becoming dry, and because they believed it promoted growth. Fast forward hundreds of years, and not a lot has really changed in terms of how we want our hair to look and feel. We still have an obsession with trying to keep our hair soft and healthy, but how far have we come in terms of creating a product which solves this common problem.

What is a Hair Serum?

Hair serums are a relatively new development in comparison to the homemade formulas of Ancient Egypt, and they typically contain silicones in order to give the results of shiny soft hair that many of us are looking for.  Hair serum is a liquid-based treatment, formulated using silicones to provide a protective layer over the hair, giving it the texture and appearance of healthy shiny hair.  It is also used to hide split ends and is particularly useful if you don’t have the chance to get to the hairdresser and are looking for a quick fix.


Typical ingredients that you will find in a hair serum are Cyclomethicone, Dimethicone, and Cyclopentasiloxane – these main ingredients make up a significant proportion of the formula.  Even in products that contain natural ingredients and oils, for example, argan oil which has become very popular in the last 10 years, still predominantly contain silicones, with only a very small amount of the natural ingredient.

The reason for this is quite simple.  Silicones are excellent at their job, and that’s why they are often used.  It’s the very reason that nearly all conditioners will contain silicones as a key ingredient, and why we have been using them in this way for a long time.  They work by forming a seal around the hair, making it look and feel amazing, however there are consequences to using silicones.

Even if you use the best serum, you won’t be able to achieve any long lasting effects from this type of treatment.  The reason for this is that the silicones inside serums only act to coat the hair, giving the illusion of soft, tangle free, shiny hair.  Once the serum is washed away with your daily shampoo and conditioner, the only way to achieve these results again is by reapplying the treatment.  Over time, this can lead to product build up, which is not good for your hair’s health, and you’ll find yourself trapped in a bit of a vicious cycle.

So what is the answer? 

It would appear that over the years, in our pursuit for the perfect hair serum, we have forgotten the principles of haircare first discovered hundreds of years ago, and that is the true benefits of natural oils on our hair. Many serums do contain natural oils, but as the main ingredient of even the best serums are silicones, these build a barrier on the hair, so even the small amounts of natural ingredients in the product have little chance of working their magic on the hair.

In order to improve our hair health, we need to consider what nature put in place in the first place to protect our hair, and the answer to that is sebum. The natural oil produced from our scalp is one of the best natural serums you could possibly use on your hair, however as this cannot be bottled up, and many of us are unlikely to leave our hair to get greasy and receive the benefits of our natural oils, this isn’t the most practical solution.  In regards to hair extensions in particular, as these are not attached at the scalp, they have little to no chance of being exposed to sebum, therefore hair extensions are even more prone to dryness and in need of a reliable treatment to keep them in good health.

After lots of research, we discovered that the best serum for your hair extensions and your natural hair, is not actually a serum as all, but a completely all natural mix of oils that are similar to sebum, and offer similar benefits.  

How We Created The Best Hair Serum for Hair Extensions

We have combined a unique blend of natural oils, including coconut oil, amla oil and avocado oil, to create a treatment that leaves the hair shiny and soft as a serum would, but that does not coat the hair, and instead allows the treatment to penetrate into the hair shaft.  We have seen incredible results from the use of our treatment, which even made finalists as “Star Product” in the 2019 hair awards.

We are extremely proud of our products, which are designed and created especially for hair extension wearers, so you can stress less about buying the right serum.

You can check out our pre-shampoo treatment here.


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