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Can I Improve The Appearance And Texture Of My Hair Extensions?

Do you have a set of human hair extensions you would like to improve the condition of?  Are your hair extensions dry? Knot easily? Difficult to brush?  Dull and lifeless?  Many do not realise that issues such as these within the hair extensions industry are incredibly common, but are also pretty simple to fix.  As long as the hair extensions you have are human, then by following some simple advice and product guidance you can prevent your hair extensions from becoming tired, and restore the condition of your hair extensions with little effort.


So Why Do Hair Extensions Deteriorate Over Time?

Its very simple, human hair extensions begin to deteriorate over time as they are not receiving the nutrients and natural oils from the scalp that our own hair depends on.  Sebum, the oil produced from the scalp is nature’s ultimate conditioner, controlling the amount that is produced and adjusting where necessary to ensure our hair stays healthy, strong and full of life.  Hair extensions on the other hand have been cut from the scalp, and are therefore left to fend for themselves.  Unless we begin to replace the oils the hair will lose over time, the hair will gradually become drier and drier, until it looks and feels in poor condition.  

Why Do Some Hair Extensions Deterioriate Quicker Than Others?

As well as the natural rate of deterioration hair extensions will experience throughout the time they are worn, there are also certain factors that can accelerate the chances of your hair extensions becoming dry, example of these factors would be:

  • Seawater can cause hair extensions to become dry and brittle
  • Hair water can cause hair extensions to feel and look dry
  • Exposure to chlorine can cause hair extensions is discolour and dry
  • The use of poor quality aftercare products can cause unwanted side effect to your hair extensions
  • Over exposure to the sun’s rays can cause hair to become dry, brittle and more vulnerable

Exposing your hair extensions to any of the above, regardless of the quality, price or origin, can cause hair extensions to become dry faster, as well as opening the hair extensions up to problems such as discolouration.


The reason for this as outlined above is that it isn’t necessarily the exposure to these elements that causes the problem (although this can play a part), but rather it comes down to not replacing what the hair may have lost in the process, and consequently letting the hair fend for itself.  Just as our own hair relies on our scalp and natural oils to stay healthy, hair extensions need to rely on something to keep them soft and supple too, and here at hairapeutix we have made it our mission to provide the solution.

Hairapeutix Pre-Poo Treatment

Our treatment has been designed with hair extensions in mind, to finally provide hair extensions wearers with a product they can rely on.  Our products have been rigorously tested on hair extensions of all qualities, prices and origins, as well as natural hair still attached at the root to ensure we deliver the best solution possible, and after years of research we finally cracked it.

Our pre-poo treatment is a unique combination of natural oils and organic ingredients that are applied to hair when DRY, and left overnight to absorb these incredible ingredients.  After the product has been left for a number of hours, it can then be easily washed out using your normal hair washing routine, to reveal beautifully soft and conditioned tresses.  As our product is designed to work over a long period of time, and includes ingredients which have the ability to absorb into the hair, this is a conditioning treatment like no other.

Each box contains 8 sachets, and for optimum results we would advise using before every wash, twice a week.

Our handy sachet packaging makes it super easy to travel with hairapeutix, so you don’t need to worry about those airlines liquid allowances.  Holidays are known to cause dryness issues amongst the hair extensions world, due to the over exposure to all of the accelerators above, so be sure to pop a few sachets in your handbag to ensure you hair is protected at all times.

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Available in 2 sizes, our mini and ultra packs are the perfect shower accessory.