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What Causes Hair Damage?

What Causes Hair Damage?

Hair damage is something we all try to avoid, yet no matter how much we try to limit heat styling and other damaging activities, we all suffer from hair damage at some point in our lives.  Signs of damaged hair includes hair that is hard to brush, frizzy, does not hold colour, breaks easily, stops growing, feels dry and coarse, and simply looks dull and lifeless. Learn more about How To Revive Hair Extensions.

When asked what does damaged hair look like, or what does damaged hair feel like, it could simply be summed up by saying hair that lacks luster, shine and an overall appearance of health.

There are many causes of hair damage, which is why so many of us are prone to damaged hair cuticles, the outer layer of the hair responsible for its texture and appearance

Common Causes Of Hair Damage

There are many different causes of hair damage, however here are some of the most common causes you should be aware of:

Do Hair Straighteners Damage Your Hair

Hair straighteners are one of the most common causes of hair damage due to the extreme level of heat applied directly to the hairs cuticle.  Regardless of whether you use a heat protective spray, hair straighteners have become incredibly hot over the past 10 years, some topping up to 300 degrees celsius, and subjecting the hair’s cuticle to this level of heat will cause the hair straightens to damage your hair.

Hair straighteners damage hair by causing the cuticles to lift away from the hair shaft, giving the hair a rough appearance, resulting in the hair cuticles eventually breaking away all together.

Does Brushing Your Hair Damage It?

Many believe that brushing your hair regularly is the key to hair growth by stimulating the scalp, however if not done correctly or with the incorrect brush, hair brushing can cause damage to the hair cuticle. We recommend our award winning HairExtensionsBFF dual bristle hair extension brush that has been specifically designed for hair extensions, and was voted best Multi Purpose Brush at the 2019 consumer judges hair magazine awards [1].

Mechanical manipulations including hair combing, brushing and hair twisting create friction against the cuticle, causing them to lift or break away entirely.  You should make sure that hair is always brushed gently, especially when it is wet and at its weakest. Learn more about How To Brush Your Hair Extensions. 

Can Shampoo Damage Your Hair Extensions?

When considering hair damage, many would not associate their shampoo as a problem, however shampoo can cause hair damage in 2 ways.

1. The act of washing can be very bad for the hair.  Rubbing and scrubbing the hairs against each other when wet and weak can cause significant damage to the cuticle.

2. The quality of the shampoo you are using also plays a role, as a shampoo with a PH level higher than 5.5 can cause an imbalance which acts to “rough up” the cuticle layer.

3. We highly suggest using a safe shampoo that is SLS free and is kinder to hair cuticles, like ours!

Treat Damaged Hair To An Intensive Conditioner

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What Does Dry Hair Feel Like?

One of the most common signs of hair damage, or to be more specific, damaged cuticle symptoms, is hair that is dry and brittle.  If you are wondering what does dry hair look like, or what does dry hair feel like, it would be described as hair that is difficult to brush, lacks shine and luster, tangles very easily and suffers from hair breakage and split ends.  For those wondering what split ends are, and what split ends look like, this is when a single hair breaks in half at the bottom, and forms 2 or more ends.  Those suffering from dry hair often find that their hair does not grow very quickly, as the consistent hair breakage causes any new hair growth to be lost [2].  Learn more about What To Do If Your Hair Extensions Feel Dry. 

Is My Hair Damaged? What Does Healthy Hair Feel Like?

Healthy hair is easy to spot as it has distinct characteristics.  Hair that is healthy should be able to stretch without breaking, it should grow steadily, it should have a natural shine and strength, feel soft, and should be easy to brush (with the exception of those natural curlies). Learn more about Improving The Appearance and Texture Of Hair Extensions. 

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Does Damaged Hair Repair Itself?

So now we know what causes hair damage, can it be repaired?  Hair damage will not repair itself, however there are steps that can be taken to reduce hair damage, prevent it from reappearing, and reducing the appearance and texture of damaged hair.

How To Improve Hair Extensions With Cuticle Damage

hair extensions treatment hairapeutixHere are our steps to help repair damaged hair extensions:

Step 1:

Reduce damaged hair cuticle symptoms by restricting the amount of brushing, hair twisting or pulling you subject your hair too.

Step 2:

Reduce the amount of heat you expose your hair too.

Step 3:

Cut down on any bleaching or colouring for some time.

Step 4:

Use regular hair treatments such as our HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix Treatment to help restore moisture to your hair.  Adopting an intensive treatment into your routine can help to reduce the appearance of hair damage, and protect the hair against future damage.

Designed for hair extensions, but suitable for all hair types , our treatment is designed for overnight use, however can also be used as a finishing product to smooth the cuticle after styling.  Our unique formula is a combination of natural and organic ingredients which help to restore, condition and revitalise tired hair.

Hair cuticle repair in itself is not possible, as once the cuticle has broken away you are not able to bring it back, however by using intensive treatments you are able to smooth the appearance of the hairs cuticle, preventing more from breaking away in the future, and improving the overall texture, appearance and shine of your hair.


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