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Do Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

With fashion changing so rapidly, so is the desire to change our hairstyles without having to worry about the time it will take to grow it naturally.  Hair extensions have become a popular way in which to vary our look, with many using them to either add length, thickness or both.

The problem is that many people worry about the damage hair extensions can cause, what this damage looks like, and how to prevent it. So if you are a hair extension addict, or you are thinking about hair extensions for the first time, here is our ultimate guide on hair extension damage.

Can hair extensions cause damage to your natural hair?

The answer is simple, yes, however, the solution is also simple, you just need to know what you are doing.

All hair extensions, whether they are clip-in hair extensions, a weave, nano tip, tape, or any other type of permanent fitting, can cause damage to your hair if they are not fitted correctly and if they are not looked after properly.

With the exception of clip in hair extensions, any type of permanent hair extension should only be fitted by an individual who is qualified and trained to do so. Fitting hair extensions is a delicate job, and it is important that they are fitted in a way that does not put tension on your scalp which can lead to issues such as traction alopecia. Hair extensions that have not been fitted correctly can also lead to severe matting and tangling, which can cause excessive hair breakage, so it is incredibly important that you do your research before paying someone to fit your hair extensions.

Even clip-in hair extensions, which are not a permanent method of application, can cause damage if they are not worn correctly, so it is equally important that you do your research before clipping the hair extensions into your hair. You must make sure that the clip has enough natural hair to hold onto without putting pressure on the scalp, and you must always ensure that your hair extensions are removed at night, you would be surprised at the number of people that wear their clip in hair extensions to bed!

So what does hair damaged by hair extensions look like?

It depends on the type of damage that has occurred. If you have been wearing hair extensions that are fitted too tightly, then you are likely to experience thinning patches of hair, particularly around your hairline where the hair is finer and weaker. If you have experienced tangling and matting caused by hair extensions either not fitted correctly, or not maintained correctly, then you may encounter patches of hair breakage where the tangles were challenging to remove. The damage caused by hair extensions varies depending on what caused the damage in the first place, what type of hair extensions you were wearing, and how long the damage went on for before it was resolved. However, even though hair extensions can cause damage to your natural hair, the good news is that it is avoidable. If you are following the right guidance, you can easily enjoy wearing any type of hair extension without it causing any damage to your natural hair whatsoever.

How can I stop hair extensions damaging my natural hair?

Firstly, get them fitted professionally. There are loads of qualified and talented hair extension professionals who can do a great job of colour matching and fitting your hair extensions perfectly. Yes, they do charge for their services, however, this is a small price to pay when it comes to the long term benefits to your natural hair.

Secondly, select a hair extension fitting that is suitable for your hair and lifestyle. This is another key benefit to having your hair extensions fitted professionally, as your hair extension technician will be able to guide you through which technique is best for your hair if it is fine, thick, you are a regular gym-goer and anything else that needs to be taken into consideration before fitting your hair extensions.

Thirdly, you need to stay up to date with your maintenance appointments. These are typically every 6-8weeks, where your hair extension technician will be able to give your hair extensions a thorough check over, and fix any issues that left undealt with could cause problems.

Finally, you must make sure you have your hair extensions removed by a professional. Many who attempt to remove their own hair extensions will cause damage to their natural hair as they do not know what they are doing, and as the process can be time-consuming, frustration can set it which further increases the chance of damage.

By following the steps above, you should be able to prevent hair extensions causing any damage to your natural hair, however even when the above advice is followed to the letter, it is still worth taking some extra time to treat your natural hair once your hair extensions have been removed, as it will be in need of a little extra TLC.

Our pre-shampoo treatment was formulated for hair extensions, as an all-natural product, it also has benefits for your natural hair, and is the perfect intensive treatment when your hair extensions have been removed.


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