How Do I Brush Hair Extensions

How to brush extensions is common concern for many who have just had a set newly fitted.  This is one of the most frequently searched questions in relation to caring for hair extensions, as many feel nervous about ruining the bonds, or damaging the hair extensions in some way by not brushing them correctly.

Brushing hair extensions is not something you need to worry about however once you have read through our top tips, as we guide you through safe hair extension brushing and care.

Brushing Wet Hair Extensions vs Brushing Dry Hair Extensions

Before we go into the steps you should take to brush your hair extensions without damage, we should first mention that you will need to learn 2 different techniques, one for when the hair extensions are wet, and one for when the hair extensions are dry.

Yes yes we hear you…you shouldn’t brush your hair when it is wet, as this is when it is at its weakest, however here at Hairapeutix we are all things hair extensions, and more important than not brushing your hair when wet is not leaving the hair tangled or in a condition that will make brushing difficult, therefore it is absolutely essential that you brush your hair extensions whilst the hair is still wet, in order to remove any tangles as quickly as possible.

Brushing Hair ExtensionsHow To Brush Hair Extensions (Dry)

Step 1: Pull all of your hair extensions to one side, securing with your hand at the base of your neck to form a ponytail.  Holding the hair in this way will allow you to brush the hair extensions without pulling on the bonds.

Step 2: Always ensure you are brushing your hair extensions from the bottom to top, not top to bottom.  By starting at the tips of the hair and working your way up to the root, you are removing each tangle an inch at a time, rather than pulling the tangles all the way down the hair.  This will prevent hair breakage, and will reduce pulling and tugging on your hair extension bonds or weft.

Step 3: Once all tangles have been removed from your hair extensions, run your fingers in and around your bonds or weft track to make sure none have been moved or damaged whilst brushing.  For more information on how to untangle hair extension bonds, click here.

Hairapeutix Top Tip: Depending on the quality of your hair extensions, daily brushing may be very simple, with minimal tangling, however if the quality of your hair extensions is lower, then you may find your hair extensions regularly tangle together.  If you have hair extensions that keep tangling together, caring a hair extension brush with you at all times.

Did you know…Hair extensions that become tangled often do so because of damage to the hairs cuticle.  By smoothing the hair cuticle with a preshampoo treatment, you can help to reduce how much your hair extensions tangle, as well as increasing shiny and softness.

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How To Brush Hair Extensions (Wet)

Wet Hair ExtensionsStep 1: Once washed and out of the shower, you need to gently squeeze the excess water from your hair extensions with a towel, making sure not to rub or scrub the hair, as not only will this raise the cuticle, but it could also encourage tangling and matting depending on the quality of your hair extensions.

Now the excess water has been squeezed out we can begin to brush.

Step 2: Pull your hair extensions to one side, and hold the hair at the base of your neck in a low side-ponytail position.  Again much like when the hair extensions were dry, securing your hair extensions in this way will reduce any tension or tugging on the hair extension bonds or weft track.  Starting from the bottom, slowly brush an inch at a time, working your way up the hair until you reach your hand at the base of your neck.

Step 3: Now that the bottom sections of the hair are tangle free, you can release the rest of the hair, slowly working your way up to the bonds.

Step 4: Once you reach the bonds, pay extra attention to ensure you glide over these smoothly and softly, causing minimal disruption to the hair.  Always brush your hair extension bonds in the direct they have been secured, downwards towards the floor.

Does Brushing Hair Extensions Damage The Quality?

It is very unlikely that you would damage the quality of the hair extensions through an incorrect brushing technique, it is however more likely that you would cause disruption to the bonds or weft track which is something we want to avoid.  Using the incorrect hair extension brush, applying too much tension on the hair extension bonds when brushing, or simply tugging on the hair extensiosn when brushing can cause them to come loose, therefore it is very important that you brush mindfully and slowly whether the hair is wet or dry, to protect those bonds and keep those hair extensions in place.