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How To Fix Matted Hair Extensions

Matted hair extensions are a common problem within the hair extension industry. They can become dry, tangled, frizzy and even matted both at the bonds of the hair extension, as well as throughout the lengths of the hair extensions for many reasons. Within this article we will be looking at hair extensions matting through the lengths, which makes the hair difficult to brush.

If you’re looking for advice on hair extensions that are matted at the root, then have a read of our article – Matted Hair Extensions Bonds.

Have you or are you currently experiencing matted hair extensions and wondered if there really is something you can do to help restore them back to their healthy ways? Luckily for you there is a way to improve the quality of matted hair extensions. Want to know how?

Matted Hair Extension Treatment

Our all natural hair oil helps to repair matted, dry and damaged hair extensions.

Why Do Hair Extensions Get Matted?

Hair extensions matting happen due to two main reasons:

  1. Poor quality hair extensions
  2. Your extensions have been damaged

You’ll find that your hair extensions will start to matt when the cuticle of the hair is either raised, damaged or has been removed altogether.

Think of the cuticle as tiles on a roof, they overlap one another and all flow in one direction. When the cuticle becomes damaged it will lift up causing it to catch on the other cuticles around it. This then results in the hair tangling together, bunching up and becomes extremely hard to brush.  Once the cuticle is raised up in the wrong direction, even once the hair has been brushed and smoothed out, it will begin to tangle once more. Hence why those of you that experience matted extensions find it difficult to keep your hair smooth. Remy Hair Extensions

Typically, if you’ve purchased hair extensions that are poor quality to start with, then the cuticle would have been removed during the manufacturing process. Removing the cuticle will make the hair exceptionally prone to matting. The hair will need to be protected with a smoothing layer in order to help prevent the hair from matting.

Remy Hair Extensions

If you purchase hair extensions that have had their cuticles removed during their manufacturing process this means the hair is “non-remy”.

Remy hair is the best quality available, as it means the cuticles are intact, and all flow in the same direction. Hair extensions that are remy, (you guessed it), are less likely to tangle, but that doesn’t mean the cuticle can’t become damaged through styling.

It really is so important for you to check that the hair extensions you are purchasing are remy.

Conditioning Treatments For Hair Extensions

To help fix and prevent your hair extensions from matting and becoming tangled up, you’re  going to need to use a conditioning treatment on your extensions on a regular basis.

If your hair extensions are becoming tangled or frizzy then your hair extension cuticles are in need of being smoothed as often as possible, which will help prevent and stop the hair extensions from becoming dry.

When choosing your treatment for your hair extensions, the treatment itself needs to be as natural as possible. Why? Well, this will aid in helping to make sure no further damage is caused to the hair unlike other treatments that are chemical based. These chemical based treatments will dry your hair out further, making it even more difficult to manage, which is something you are hoping to correct when using a conditioning treatment.

Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo

A hair extension treatment such as our pre-shampoo works in 3 ways to help restore your hair extensions back to vitality. Our treatment is all natural and is able to work in the same way that sebum (your hair’s natural oil produced by your scalp) does. As your hair extensions aren’t able to receive the natural sebum, they miss out on the natural protection and restorative properties that would help to replenish your hair and prevent it from matting.

Secondly, the oil will help the cuticle to lie flat to help prevent it from tangling, and to stop your extensions from matting together.

Finally, it will make brushing your locks much easier. Brushing your hair and especially hair extensions is so important. But if you brush your hair when the cuticle is raised, it can cause more damage, but by using our pre-shampoo treatment it will smooth the cuticle down and make brushing easier and a less likely chance of your extensions matting together.

Restore Your Tangled Hair Extensions

Available in 2 sizes, our all natural hair oil helps to repair matted, dry and damaged hair extensions.

How To Fix Matted Hair Extensions And Tangled Hair Extensions; Our Step By Step Guide

Preshampoo Review

Step 1:

Firstly you’ll need to brush your hair extensions thoroughly, to try and get them as smooth as possible. We understand that this can be painful and a nightmare to do when they’re really tangled, but it will help the treatment to soak in easily.

Step 2:

Apply our revolutionary Hairapeutix pre-shampoo treatment to your hair extensions. You should apply it to the mid-lengths and ends only. And apply it to DRY hair ONLY.

Step 3:

Allow the treatment to be absorbed by your hair for as long as possible. For best results we’d recommend using it as an overnight treatment, because the longer you leave it to soak in the better. If however, you are a bit short of time, then a 30-60 minute treatment is recommended.

Step 4:

Rinse your hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner to reveal beautiful, healthy, shiny and most importantly, repaired and untangled hair.

Hair Extension Treatments

By regularly using a pre-shampoo treatment on your hair extensions, will not only help lower the chance of matting and help with it, but will also make the quality of your hair extensions last longer too. As we previously mentioned, your extensions need natural oils to stay healthy, just like your own, natural hair does. So by using a pre-shampoo treatment on your hair extensions weekly, you’ll help to keep your extensions in tip top condition and softer for longer.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Pre-Shampoo treatment today and whip the locks back into those gorgeous locks they deserve to be.