How To Fix Matted Hair Extensions

Matted hair extensions are a very common issue in the hair extension industry.  Hair extensions can become dry and tangled both at the bonds, and throughout the lengths of the hair extensions for many reasons, however here we shall be focusing on hair extensions matting through the lengths, making the hair difficult to brush.

If you are looking for advice on hair extensions which are matted at the root, please see the following article.

If you are experiencing matted hair extensions and are wondering what to do, you are in luck.  It is possible to improve the quality of matted hair extensions, and our step by step guide will show you how.

Matted Hair Extension Treatment

Our all natural hair oil helps to repair matted, dry and damaged hair extensions.

Why Do Hair Extensions Get Matted?

Hair extension matting occurs for 2 keys reasons:

  1. Poor quality hair extensions
  2. Extensions that have been damaged

Matted extensions occur when the cuticle of the hair is either raised and damaged, or if the cuticle has been removed altogether.

The hairs cuticle is like the tiles on your roof.  They overlap each other, but all flow in the same direction.  If the cuticle becomes damaged, the cuticle lifts up, causing it to catch on the other cuticles around it.  This causes the hair to tangle together, bunch up, and become very difficult to brush.  If the cuticle is raised in this way, as soon as the hair is smoothed out from brushing it will begin to tangle together again.  This is why people experiencing matted hair extensions find it very difficult to keep the hair smooth.

Remy Hair ExtensionsIf you have purchased hair extensions that are poor quality to start with, typically the cuticle would have been removed during the manufacturing process.  Removing the cuticle will make the hair even more prone to matting, and the hair will need to be protected with a smoothing layer in order to stop the hair from matting together.

Remy Hair Extensions

If the cuticles have been removed during the manufacturing processes, this would make the hair “non-remy”.  Remy hair is the highest quality available, as it means that the cuticles are intact, and all flow in the same direction.  Hair extensions that are remy are unlikely to tangle unless the cuticle is damaged during styling, therefore it is very important to check that the hair extensions you are buying are remy.

Conditioning Treatments For Hair Extensions

To fix hair extensions that tangle, you need to make sure that you are using a conditioning treatment on your hair extensions regularly.

Hair extensions that tangle need to have the cuticle smoothed as often as possible, as this will stop the cuticles from tangling together, and will also stop the hair extensions from becoming dry.

Treatments for hair extensions should be as natural as possible, as this will help to make sure no further damage is caused to the hair by using a chemical based product that may dry the hair out further, making it even more difficult to manage.

Restore Your Tangled Hair Extensions

Available in 2 sizes, our all natural hair oil helps to repair matted, dry and damaged hair extensions.

Step by step: How To Fix Tangled Hair Extensions

Preshampoo Review

Step 1:

If your hair extensions are dry and matted, you will first need to brush your hair extensions thoroughly, to get them as smooth as possible.

Step 2:

Apply Hairapeutix pre-shampoo treatment to your hair extensions.  This should be applied to the mid-lengths and ends only, and should be applied to the hair when it is dry (not wet).

Step 3:

Allow the treatment to soak into the hair for as long as possible.  Try to sleep in the treatment if you can, as the longer the treatment sits on the hair the better.  If you don’t have time to sleep in the treatment, then a minimum of 30 minutes is recommended.

Step 4:

Rinse your hair extensions with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

hairapeutix pre shampoo treatmentHair Extension Treatments

A hair extension treatment such as our pre-shampoo works in 3 ways.  As the treatment is all natural, it is able to react to the hair in the same way that sebum can (the natural oil our scalp produces).  This helps to keep the hair soft and nourished, and is essential in hair extension care, as it does not receive any oil from our scalps like our natural hair does.

Secondly, the oil will help to smooth the cuticle.  It will help the cuticle to lie flat so that it is less likely to tangle together, stopping hair extensions from matting.

Finally, it will make brushing easier.  This is very important, as brushing the hair while the cuticle is raised can cause more damage to occur, so smoothing the cuticle will also help prevent further hair extensions matting.

Hairapeutix Top Tip: Using a regular pre-shampoo treatment on your hair extensions does not only help with matting, but it can also help to make the quality of your hair extensions last longer.  Hair extensions need natural oils so that they can stay healthy, just like our own hair does, so by doing a pre-shampoo treatment on your hair extensions weekly you will help to keep your hair extensions softer for longer.