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How To Keep Hair Extensions Soft?

If you have a fresh set of hair extensions, or if you have worn hair extensions that have become damaged in the past, then is is worth reading up on how to keep your hair extensions soft in order to make your new hair last as long as possible.

Here are our top tips for keeping your hair extensions soft.  Looking after clip in hair extensions and permanent hair extensions (micro ring, prebonded, tape, weft etc) is different, so we will give some pro advice for both…because we love ya.

Top Tips For Keeping Clip In Hair Extensions Soft

When wearing clip in hair extensions, ensure you always brush them through and store them neatly.  Leaving your hair extensions in a bundle will cause them to damage quickly, so always take the time to brush them through with a suitable hair extension brush.

Always use a hair extension brush when brushing your hair extensions both in and out of your head.  You need a brush that can detangle gently without pulling on the hair or damaging the cuticle.

Try to limit the frequency you wash your hair extensions, washing strips the hair of any natural oils, causing them to become dry.

Always use a hair extensions safe shampoo and conditioner.

Always wash your hair extensions if you have used a styling product like hairspray before applying heat to the hair.

Allow your hair extensions to air dry overnight in order to cut down on the amount of heat applied directly to the hair.Use an overnight intensive conditioning treatment to restore the oils in the hair to keep them soft and prevent them from becoming dry.

Top Tips For Keeping Micro Ring, Nano Ring, Weft, Tape Hair Extensions Soft

When sleeping, always secure your hair extensions in a low braid.  This will stop the hair from tangling in your sleep and make it easier to brush.  For more information on how to sleep with hair extensions, click here.

Always use a hair extensions brush that can safely remove tangles without pulling on your hair extension bonds.

Use a hair extension suitable shampoo and conditioner, as many over the counter products contain harsh ingredients which can dry the hair out.

Treat your hair to an intensive conditioning treatment which contains natural oils in order to stop the hair from becoming dry.

Limit the frequency of washing your hair.  We would recommend washing your hair extensions a maximum of 3 times a week, but less if possible.Always use low heat settings on your heated tools.  Direct heat damages the hair, so the lower the better.  Need tips on how to dry your hair extensions safely, click here.

Prevent Your Hair Extensions From Becoming Dry

It is so important to follow the correct aftercare advice when looking after your hair extensions, as after all, hair extensions are an expensive treat.  After spending all of that money on beautiful long hair, the last thing you want is for them to become dry and damaged a few weeks later.

How Do I Fix Dry Hair Extensions?

Have you found this article too late and your hair extensions are already dry?  Don’t worry, we have a simple guide to reviving your hair extensions in a few short steps, check it out now.


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