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How To Sleep With Hair Extensions

Can I Sleep With Hair Extensions In?

Sleeping with hair extensions in at night is perfectly safe, comfortable and not something you should worry about. However, in order to sleep with your hair extensions safely, there are a few things you must do first. Those new to hair extensions, may not know the exact steps they must take to avoid having an uncomfortable night’s sleep or to avoid damaging their own hair or their extensions.

There are a few different styles you can opt for when sleeping with extensions to keep them well protected. The style you choose will depend on the length of your hair extensions, and how you plan to wear your hair extensions the following day. Before we get on to the steps you must follow before sleeping with your extensions, there are a few steps you will need to take to before bed.

Preparing Your Hair Extensions For Bed

Step 1:

Always brush your hair extensions before bed, removing any tangles or product build up from the day.

Step 2:

Inspect your roots for any knots or tangles.  Whether you are wearing wefts, tapes, prebonds or any other type of your extensions, inspecting your hair extension bonds should be a daily habit.

Now that you have prepared your hair extensions for bed, you can now secure them in place to prevent movement throughout the night.

Top Tip: Tired hair extensions matt easier in your sleep

Dry and tired hair extensions are more likely to matt, especially when you're lying on them in bed. Keep your hair extensions hydrated and soft to avoid matting.

How To Sleep With Your Hair Extensions

Whether you are looking for advice on how to sleep with micro rings hair extensions, how to sleep with weft hair extensions, how to sleep with tape hair extensions, or any other method for that matter, the process is always the same.

1. The most traditional style for sleeping with hair extensions is to secure the hair in a braid/plait.  Securing the hair in this way has a number of benefits.

2. A braid will prevent your hair extensions from moving around causing the bonds to tangle.

3. A braid will reduce the amount of friction on the mid lengths and ends of the hair as you move in your sleep, making the hair smoother and easier to brush in the morning.

Removing the plait or braid in the morning will result in easy to brush hair, that is in no way tangled.

Can You Wear A Ponytail With Hair Extensions At Night?

If you are looking for a style that does not require extensive styling in the morning, a turned under ponytail is also a perfectly suitable style, under a few strict conditions.

1. You must brush your hair thoroughly, removing any tangles before tying it back.

2. Once your hair is smooth, secure the hair in a medium to low positioned ponytail, pulling the hair only half way through on its final rotation.

3. If opting for this style you must make sure that the hair is not pulled too tight to put any pressure on the bonds, and that you are using a suitable hairband that does not pull or snag on the hair.

Condition Your Hair Extensions Overnight

As well as preparing your hair extensions for bed, at least once a week you should be thinking about also conditioning your hair extensions overnight.

Sleeping with your hair extensions wet is a big no-no, however this does not include hair that has been conditioned.  Hair extensions can become dry very quickly, therefore applying an intensive treatment before bed can help to make your hair extensions last longer.

How To Condition Hair Extensions Whilst Sleeping

Whether you wear micro ring, weft, tape or any other type of human hair extensions, overnight conditioning with the following steps can help to keep your hair extensions soft and shiny.

Step 1: As above, thoroughly brush your hair extensions to remove any tangles and knots from the day.

Step 2: Check your bonds to check if any need untangling.

Step 3: Apply a hair extension suitable conditioner over the mid lengths and ends of your hair extensions.  Do not apply to your bonds.

Step 4: Plait/braid your hair extensions to keep the hair away from your face and to prevent it from tangling.

Step 5: Remove plait/braid in the morning, and wash hair extensions as normal to remove intensive conditioner from the hair.

Top Tips For Sleeping With Hair Extensions

A plait or turned under ponytail are the most suitable styles for sleeping with hair extensions, as they restrict the movement of the hair enough to keep the bonds from being disturbed too much during the night.  Whether you are wearing a weave, tape hair extensions, micro rings or prebonds, securing your hair extensions when sleeping is an integral part of your daily maintenance routine.  Just one night of your hair extensions being unsecured can lead to the bonds becoming tangled, so make sure no matter what the circumstances, your hair extensions are always secured before you sleep.

Conditioning your hair extensions overnight at least once a week will really help to keep your hair in beautiful condition, and is the perfect time to use an intensive treatment so that it has hours to do its magic before being washed out.