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I Don’t Wear Hair Extensions, Can I Use Hairapeutix Pre Poo Treatment?

We get asked this question a lot, and for good reason.  Hairapeutix is a brand specialising in luxury hair care options for those wearing human hair extensions, so who could blame you as a non extension wearer for wondering if it is suitable for you.

Is Hairapeutix Pre Poo Treatment Suitable For Non-Hair Extension Wearers?

Yes, our products are suitable for everyone, and there is a very important reason for this.

When hairapeutix was created, it was with the vision to create a brand that could be chosen by any individual wearing human hair extensions, regardless of the brand, origin, quality, and hair type.  Hair extensions require a specialist aftercare treatment, as although human, they do not receive the same nourishment our own hair does as it is no longer attached to the scalp…and it is in this understanding that we realised something else…neither does our own hair.

Why Doesn’t Natural Hair Always Receive Nourishment From The Scalp

When it comes to natural haircare there is one ingredient which trumps any product, lotion or potion on the market…sebum.  Sebum, more commonly referred to as “grease” is produced from our scalp naturally, and is responsible for protecting our scalp and hair, providing moisturising properties which condition, restore and nourish the hair.  Back when shampoo and conditioners didn’t exist, sebum was given free reign, produced from the scalp to work its way down the hair shaft, until it reached the tip, conditioning from top to bottom.

These days, “grease” as it is more often referred to, is seen as the enemy, with many washing their hair everyday to remove any sign of this dreaded stuff. 

By doing this our hair, and in particular the mid lengths and ends, are rarely exposed to sebum, which can lead to them becoming dry, tired and in desperate need of TLC.

Natural Oil Based Solution Are The Best Pre Poo Treatment

In order to combat this problem we are left with 2 options.  We could try the natural “no-poo” approach, boycotting shampoo altogether, allowing our sebum to do what it is designed to do.  This is a huge commitment however, as quitting shampoo not only takes an incredible amount of dedication and will power (trust me we tried), but it takes a long time for your hair to begin to see the benefits, with many months spent with a greasy mop waiting for those oils to work their way down and perform their magic.

Not got time for this?…not many do, therefore our pre-poo treatment is a solution to this problem.  An oil based treatment which contains natural and organic ingredients, specially selected to help replace the sebum your hair is craving.

What Makes Hairapeutix Pre Poo Treatment Different?

There are many factors that make us different, but one which stands out with our pre poo treatment is our natural approach.  Yes there are many oil based products available for haircare purposes, however what many fail to realise is that many of these products are heavily subsidised with silicones.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with silicones in a hair product, in fact, a hair conditioner wouldn’t be a conditioner at all without them, but for an intense oil based treatment, natural is the only way to go.

Our ingredients have been specially selected to work with the hair in a similar way to sebum, penetrating the hair shaft instead of sitting on top of the hair.

Our treatment works to condition from within, offering a natural treatment that works with your hair like nothing you have experienced before.

Will Hairapeutix Pre Poo Treatment Make My Natural Hair Grow Longer?

The mission for Hairapeutix is to create healthier hair, however healthier hair is naturally less prone to breakage or split ends, the number one cause of “grow slow” hair, and therefore hair growth is certainly a positive side affect of our pre poo treatment.

What Benefits Does A Pre Poo Treatment Have For My Hair?

Our pre poo treatment offers many benefits, however the ones in which many relate to are its conditioning properties.  Our treatment will help to restore, condition, and improve the overall texture and appearance of your dry hair.

Our treatment is the ultimate conditioner, finally offering a natural solution to dry hair that really works.

Learn how to use our pre shampoo treatment.

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