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Is Hairapeutix Safe For My Human Hair Extensions?

As a specialist hair extension brand, all of our products have been developed with a deep understanding of the hair extension industry to ensure our treatments are perfectly suited and aligned to your precious locks.

There is a lot of information to consider when developing a product of this type, therefore we have consulted with industry experts, consumer feedback and testing, as well engaging in detailed research to create the product hair extension wearers have been waiting for.

Our all natural pre shampoo treatment is designed to keep your hair extension nourished throughout the time you are wearing them, however we understand that you need the confidence to use our products on your hair extensions, without the fear of any negative side affects, after all this is your hair we are talking about.

Hairapeutix Is Safe For Use With Hair Extensions

Our pre-shampoo treatment is designed for use on dry hair, to be left in overnight before washing out in the morning.  We consulted with some consumers to ask what their concerns would be in using a product such as this, in order to eliminate any myths or misunderstandings lingering around the hair extensions industry.

As our product is natural and organic, with no synthetic colourings, chemicals and artificial ingredients, many quite rightly had no concerns whatsoever, however a few asked us whether the product could cause hair discolouration, and whether the product could cause the hair extensions to become dry.

We put our product to the test to find you the answer…

Does Hairapeutix Cause Discolouration In Hair Extensions?

Hair extension discolouration is a HUGE issue in the hair extension industry.  Hair extensions can discolour for a multitude of reasons, however hairapeutix pre-shampoo treatment is not one of them.

Our product is designed to be left on the hair overnight before being washed out in the morning, and to ensure our product could live up to this claim, our preshampoo treatment was applied to a sample of leading hair extension brands for over 5 conductive days, approx 120 hours!

After this period of time, there was  no level of discolouration what so ever.  The reason for this is that our product is a combination of natural oils, there are no scary chemicals, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances that can interfere with the colour of your beautiful hair.

So…is hairapeutix pre-shampoo treatment safe from discolouration?  Absolutely!


Does Hairapeutix Cause Hair Extensions To Become Dry?

In addition to this, after 5 days the product was washed out with a standard shampoo, to reveal beautifully soft and tangle free hair extensions.

There were no visible signs of dryness in the hair extensions after a prolonged period of exposure, and in fact, as the product is designed to absorb into the hair, each test sample felt incredibly soft, even without the use of a standard conditioner. Learn How To Revive Dry Hair Extensions

So…is hairapeutix pre-shampoo treatment safe from causing dryness?  You bet!

Safe For Human Hair Extensions

We exposed our test samples of hair extensions to over 15 times the recommended exposure time for one use with absolutely no unwanted side effects what so ever, just silky soft, tangle free hair extensions (before and after results go left to right.)

Our passion is not only in creating beautiful products that work for hair extensions, but also in educating our customers on industry issues such as hair extension discolouration, hair extension dryness, hair extension aftercare, and all things hair extension related.

Have your experienced dry hair extensions or have your hair extensions changed colour?  These are all very common problems experienced by hair extension wearers.


Hairapeutix Pre Shampoo Treatment

Our hair mask is available in 2 handy sizes, our Hairapeutix Mini for those looking to add a quick moisture injection to their hair.  Contained within each packet are 2 sachets, for use twice in the same week to give your hair the nourishment it is craving.  Our second size is Hairapeutix Ultra, containing 8 sachets to be used throughout the month, to prevent issues such as dryness, tangling or matting, and to keep your hair in tip top condition. Learn How To Fix Matted Hair Extensions. 

Hairapeutix Is Suitable For Natural Hair

Our treatments have been designed with hair extensions in mind, however those who do not wear hair extensions can use Hairapeutix, and infact can benefit massively from an all natural treatment such as this.

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Available in 2 sizes, our mini and ultra packs are the perfect shower accessory.