Best Treatment For Dry Hair Extensions

Dry hair extensions are a huge problem in the hair extension industry and are the cause of much disappointment and stress to those of us who love them.

When hair extensions feel dry, the cause could be a number of different issues, including over exposure to heated tools, over processing, environmental damage, chlorine or seawater exposure, hard water, poor quality materials, and many other issues…the list is truly endless.

Here at Hairapeutix dry hair extensions are our number one enemy, so we will teach you how to fix dry hair extensions, including the best treatment for dry hair extensions, so rather than dry and brittle hair extensions, yours are silky soft and easy to manage.

My Hair Extensions Are Dry

Dry Hair ExtensionsIf your hair extensions have become dry, then you are not alone.  Dry extensions are a very common issue, and this is because they do not receive natural oils from the scalp which help to keep our own hair soft.

When our own hair becomes dry, our scalp compensates by over producing natural oils in order to keep the hair hydrated, soft and supple.  Hair extensions do not have this ability, therefore over time due to heat styling, washing etc the hair extensions become dry, and if not corrected can continue to dry out until the hair extensions become brittle, unruly and unmanageable.

How To Fix Dry Hair Extensions

To fix dry hair extensions, you need to apply a natural oil which is similar to sebum, the oil your scalp produces.  Only natural oils will truly help to fix dry hair extensions, as oils are able to penetrate the hair shaft, unlike conditioners and serums which contain silicones that sit on top of the hair, causing further long term damage.

Preshampoo ReviewBest Treatment For Dry Hair Extensions

We have developed an all-natural treatment, which is free from silicones, parabens and all other chemical nasties, to help fix dry hair extensions.

Our treatment is a unique combination of natural oils, including coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil and amla oil, all of which help to restore the quality of hair, leaving is silky soft.  Good bye dry hair extensions!

How To Use Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo For Dry Hair Extensions

hairapeutix-hair-extensionsStep 1. Simply apply our pre poo treatment to dry hair extensions BEFORE you shower, allowing the formula to absorb into the hair’s shaft overnight (or a minimum of 30-60 minutes).  

Step 2. After leaving the treatment in over night where it can have its maximum impact, simply wash out with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

The results: Beautiful soft hair extensions!

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