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Naturally Curly Hair – Help For Tackling Curls And Frizz

There is no denying it, curly hair at times can be more difficult to manage than naturally straight hair, with many natural curlies taking years to learn how to control curly frizzy hair.

Luckily for those who are yet to tame the mane, we have some helpful tips for curly frizzy hair from our resident curly, to help you master the art of perfecting those curls; keeping frizz at bay and improving the texture of your hair.  Therefore is you are looking for curly frizzy hair help keep reading!

How To Manage Curly Frizzy Hair

When it comes to curls the number one enemy is frizz…but why is curly hair so prone to frizz in comparison to straight hair?  There is no complex answer to this- it is simply due to the curly shape of the hair.  As each strand twists and turns, it becomes harder and harder for the natural oil produced from the scalp known as sebum to distribute itself to the tips of the hair.  Sebum is responsible for helping to control frizz and prevent dryness, so its failure to work its way down the hair is a key reason why curly hair is difficult to manage.  You can read more about sebum and the role it plays on our hairs health and texture here. In addition to the lack of sebum exposure, due to the shape of the hair, the cuticles (outer layer of the hair) are often slightly raised rather than lying flat, therefore the surface is rougher and more prone to tangling and breakage.

Curly Frizzy Hair Help

The are a number of ways in which to manage curly hair, and here we shall detail a few of our tips to help you get the most of your beautiful hair.

Hair Oils Are Key For Managing Curly Hair

HairapeutixDue to the natural struggle for sebum to pass all the way along the hair strand, this often results in dry ends.  This is a difficult problem to fix, as getting sebum from the scalp right down to the tips of the hair can be challenging and requires a great deal of patience in allowing the hair to become oily, therefore a product is required to step in and take over this process.  Preferably this would be a natural product to prevent it weighing down the curls so that it can be as similar to sebum as possible.  Oils which are heavy in silicones and chemicals can often have the reverse effect to that which is desired, so natural and organic really is your new best friend in terms of hair oils.

Air Drying Hair Is Better Than Blow Drying

In addition to oil exposure, to increase manageability and reduce frizz anyone with curls should consider allowing their hair to dry naturally. Not only is this healthier for your hair as it reduces heat exposure, but it prevents the roughing up of the cuticle which can make manageability more difficult.

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Treatment For Curly Frizzy Hair

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If you are suffering from frizzy hair and are struggling to know how to care for your curly frizzy hair, following the below steps should help to get your mane under control.

Our top hair tips for curly frizzy hair in summary are:

Step 1:

Use a regular oil treatment to keep your curly frizzy hair from becoming dry.  Conditioners are your best friend, and the more intensive the better.

Step 2:

Ensure you have regular haircuts to keep your hair healthy.  Dry hair is likely to strike the tips and ends first, so keeping these fresh will encourage the rest of your hair to be more manageable.

Step 3:

Avoid heated tools such as hairdryers and hair straighteners.

Step 4:

Avoid sleeping with your hair wet or damp, you are far more likely to wake up to an uncontrollable amount of curl and frizz!

Finally, embrace your curly hair! It might be challenging to care for, but it is also unique and beautiful and something to be celebrated.

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