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Protecting Your Hair From The Sun

During the summer months it’s easy to forget how brutal the hot weather can be on our hair. The sun is situated 149.6 million kilometers from the earth and takes only 8 minutes for its rays to reach us, penetrating down on our precious tresses and skin.

We’re all aware that the sun can cause both minor and major damage to our skin, however many forget the effects of sun damage on hair.  We protect our skin by slathering on the sun screen, but more often than not our tresses are left to fend for themselves, over exposed and prone to damage.

Can The Sun Damage Your Hair?

There are two kinds of ultraviolet radiation the sun exposes our hair to, UVA and UVB. UVA is responsible for damage such as colour changes, and UVB radiation is responsible for hair protein loss.  So does sun damage hair…absolutely.

How To Protect Hair From The Sun

Hair naturally has a protective layer known as the cuticle which protects the hairs internal structure from environmental damage, however the UV rays from the sun can disintegrate this layer quite rapidly, exposing the inside of the hair strand.

Overexposure to the sun can cause hair to change in colour, become dry, frizzy, and increasingly difficult to manage.  Over exposure to the sun can cause temporary and permanent changes to the hair depending on the level of exposure, therefore it is important that we understand this in order to protect our hair, especially if wearing hair extensions which are vulnerable to deterioration.

Protecting Hair From Sun Damage Step By Step

Step 1

Limit sun exposure to a minimum.  When on holiday, cover hair with a hat or scarf to avoid direct sun exposure which can damage the hair.

Step 2

After sun exposure, use an intensive conditioner to restore your hair and prevent it from feeling dry.

All Natural Intensive Conditioner

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How will I know if the sun has damaged my hair?

There are a number of signs that suggest hair has become damaged.  The most common symptoms are dryness, frizz, hair that tangles easily and is difficult to manage.  If you are wearing hair extensions, due to the lack of natural oils the hair is exposed to, the likelihood of damage is increased further, with discolouration or colour fading also high on the list.  Learn more about hair extension discolouration here.

How Can I Repair My Hair After Sun Damage?

HairapeutixIf you have over exposed your hair to the sun don’t worry, there are some steps you can take to help restore the condition of your hair.

Your hair will require a little extra tlc to get it back on track, and natures way of doing this is through the production of sebum. Sebum helps to keep hair soft, conditioned and healthy, so it would make sense that this would help to restore hair after sun exposure.

Unfortunately we cannot really force our scalp to produce more sebum, and as sebum is produced from our scalp it doesn’t do much good for the mid lengths and ends of our hair where the most damage is likely to have occurred, so what is the solution to the problem?  An all natural treatment designed to condition, restore and improve the texture and appearance of hair, suitable for both natural hair and hair extensions.

Pre-Shampoo treatment

Our treatment is perfect to help replenish hair after sun exposure as it is a 100% natural oil product.  A unique combination of natural and organic ingredients designed to soak into the hair, replenishing the condition, as well as helping to control frizz.  If you have over exposed your hair to the sun, or if you are suffering from dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair, our treatment is for you.