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How To Revive Dry & Frizzy Hair Extensions (2020)

8 Simple Steps To Revive Your Hair Extensions

Step 1:

In order to get your hair extensions back into tip top condition, you will need to give them a trim.  Just like your own hair, hair extensions must be trimmed regularly to retain their quality. As the hair is human, the tips will become damaged first as they are the oldest, therefore we would recommend trimming away around an inch.  Yes they will be slightly shorter, however they will be a whole lot healthier.

If you wear clip in hair extensions you can quite easily do this at home by laying each piece flat and trimming each strip by the same amount. It is easier to do this when the hair is wet.  If you are wearing permanent hair extensions then you would need to book in with your fitter for a quick trim.

Step 2:

Brush through your hair extensions to remove any knots, you want your hair extensions to be as tangle free as possible.  We would recommend using a hair extension brush for this.

Step 3:

Take one sachet of Hairapeutix treatment, and fully coat the hair from the mid lengths to the ends.  This must be on DRY hair, as this will allow the hair to soak up the natural ingredients.

Step 4:

When reviving your hair extensions, it is best to keep this treatment on for as long as possible. The longer the treatment is exposed to the hair, the more the hair will be able to absorb. Overnight would be the ideal amount of time, however if in a rush then a minimum of 30 minutes would be recommended.

Step 5:

Comb through your hair extensions using a shower comb to make sure the treatment is distributed evenly.

Step 6:

Once you have left the treatment on for as long as possible, for optimum results wash out with HairExtensionsBff shampoo and conditioner which is sls and sodium chloride free.  The treatment is lightweight and will wash out very easily. If you still feel as though there is some treatment remaining, shampoo twice before applying conditioner as normal.

Step 7:

If you have clip in hair extensions, lay each piece onto a towel and let air dry.  If you are wearing permanent hair extensions, gently dry your hair extensions on a low heat setting, brushing gently with a hair extension hairbrush.  

Step 8:

When completely dry, you can straighten your hair extensions using a low heat setting as normal.

Your hair extensions will be softer and easier to manage, however for optimum results, or for severely damaged hair, we would recommend continuing the treatment weekly in order to revive the hair extensions and prevent future dryness.


We're HairExtensionsBff and our job is to keep your hair extensions looking extra! Our products work across all brands of human hair extensions & shipping is free.

What Else Can I Do To Keep My Hair Extensions Healthy?

To keep your hair extensions healthy, as well as following our 8 steps to revive your hair extensions process above, there are some additional steps you can take in order to treat your hair extensions better in the future and stop them from becoming damaged again.

Tip 1: First things first, it is essential that you are using a hair extension suitable brush to remove knots and untangle your hair extensions.  Our hair extension brush which has been made a finalist for the prestigious 2019 hair awards [1], has dual bristle technology which makes the brush strong enough to remove knots, but soft enough to protect your bonds and prevent hair breakage.

Tip 2: Try not to wash your hair extensions too regularly.  If you are a daily hair washer, at the very least you will need to skip a day between washes, but ideally you would only be washing your hair 2-3 times a week.  Washing your hair extensions too frequently will strip away any natural oils faster, causing them to dry out quicker.

Tip 3: Limit heated tool use.  Of course we understand you will need to be styling your hair, however limiting the frequency in which you wash your hair should reduce the intensity of heat you will be using on your hair extensions on a regular basis.

Tip 4: Finally, you should be protecting your hair extensions overnight.  Braiding your hair extensions so they do not tangle in your sleep will help the hair extensions to detangle easier when brushing, and will stop your hair extension bonds from tangling together.  Check out our non kinking hair extension hair bobbles.

Why Are My Hair Extensions Dry And Frizzy?

Your hair extensions will look dry and frizzy if they are not looked after properly.  Hair extensions will quickly start to look ratty and scraggly without proper aftercare which is why it is so important to use only hair extension recommended products. Unlike your natural hair, hair extensions are not attached at the root and therefore as a result they receive no moisture or nourishment from the scalp.
The moisture your natural hair receives from your scalp is called sebum. Sebum [2] is essential for keeping hair soft. As hair extensions are not attached to your scalp, they do not receive any sebum. As a result your hair extensions will become dry, frizzy and hard to manage. This could lead to your hair extensions matting, yuk! To prevent this, introduce an oil treatment to your haircare routine.

What Are The Top Causes of Damaged Hair Extensions?

The top causes of damaged hair extensions are more common in your daily life than you would think.  If your hair extensions have started to feel like straw, then there are a few potential causes for this.  As well as not receiving any oil to keep the hair extensions nourished and healthy, there are a number of other factors which can accelerate the speed at which your hair extensions become dry.  The most common reasons are:

Poor quality hair – If the hair you have purchased is not from a reputable supplier, then it is more likely to become damaged at a faster rate, as it has most likely already been over processed as this is a cheap way to produce hair extensions.  If the hair is over processed, it will be weaker and more prone to damage. If your hair extensions are poor quality, it is absolutely essential that you condition them correctly in order to make the best of them.

Lack of natural oil – As detailed above, natural hair receives oil from the scalp, and therefore conditioning after you shampoo will not be enough to keep them hydrated.  You need to add oil back into the hair to stop them from drying out.

Hard Water – In the US and UK, the water from our taps contains a high level of minerals [3].  This makes the water very “hard” as these minerals remain on the hair after washing and can cause the hair to dry out.  Hard water is also responsible for stripping away colour in our hair, which highlights just how damaging this can be.

Sun exposure – We all know that we need to protect our skin in the sun, but many of us forget that our hair also needs protection, as just as the sun burns and damages our skin, it burns and damages our hair.  Seek shade where possible and add an extra dose of conditioning to your holiday routine to stop your hair extensions becoming dry in the sun.

Sea Water – Full of salt and minerals, getting your hair extensions wet with sea water is a sure fire way of drying them out, especially if you follow your dip in the sea with a bake in the sun.  Try to avoid sea water on your hair extensions at all costs, however even if you do manage to keep your locks dry, the salty damp air isn’t much better, so moisturise moisturise moisturise!

Chlorine – Much like sea water, the chemicals in chlorine are no good for our hair extensions, they dry them, and can strip away colour.  Avoid chlorine as much as possible, however if you are a regular swimmer, then a regular oil treatment is going to be a must.

Is It Possible To Get My Hair Extensions Back In Good Condition?

The good news is that even if your hair extensions have become tangled and matted it is possible to get them back into a good condition, as you can fix them at home with an oil treatment.  Treatments are super important for hair extensions, as they replace the oils they miss out on from the scalp.

Using an oil based product on your hair extensions will help to soften the hair extensions that have become dry, making it more manageable, and getting your hair extensions back to the silky condition they were in when you first purchased them.

What Kind Of Oil Treatment Do I Need For My Hair Extensions?

In order to restore and soften your hair extensions, you need an all natural oil treatment.  This is because you need to provide the hair with the nourishment and moisture it’s been lacking which has caused the hair extensions to become dry. A popular way to do this is by making a DIY hair mask using a variety of oils…. It’s pretty messy. Additionally, many oils are unable to be absorbed into the hair and instead just sit on top of the hair as a barrier which can make the hair feel way or even greasy! Not the result you’re aiming for!

Fix Your Hair Extensions With Hairapeutix

Here at HairExtensionsBff, we know that matted hair extensions can be a real nightmare to fix, therefore we hair extensions treatment hairapeutixcreated a formula to nourish your hair extensions and bring them back to life.

What Is HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix?

As you will see in the video above, our treatment is technically known as a pre shampoo treatment, or “pre poo”. Basically, this means that the treatment should be applied to the hair before you wash it.  You put the treatment onto dry hair, allowing it to soak in, before washing it out. Essentially it’s a hair mask for your hair extensions.

Our treatment is a superior mix of high quality coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil, avocado oil and olive oil.  Tried and tested to combine the exact quantities of each oil to get the most of each ingredient, our Hairapeutix is one of a kind…it’s why we have been made a finalist for the 2019 Hair Awards for Star Product – Most Innovative New Product! [4]