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Matted Hair Extension Bonds

Why Is Looking After Hair Extension Bonds Important?

When it comes to looking after your hair extensions, looking after your hair extension bonds is incredibly important.  When hair extension bonds become matted, this can make the hair extensions very uncomfortable, and can also make them very difficult to remove.

Why Are Your Hair Extension Bonds Matted?

Hair extension bonds become tangled when they are not separated throughout the time they are worn.

As hair extensions are naturally fitted very close together, everyday they will be moving around amongst themselves, whether this be from washing, brushing, blowdrying, running your fingers through your hair, styling…the list is truly endless.

It would be irresponsible to assume that once the bonds are fitted they will remain in the exact same condition throughout the time they are worn without any help from the wearer in keeping them intact.

What often tends to happen is that out of fear of damaging the bonds, or causing the hair extensions to come loose, wearers do all they can to avoid touching their hair extension bonds.

Although this is understandable, as long as the hair extension bonds have been fitted correctly and securely, simply touching them will not cause them to come loose, and matted hair extension bonds are a much bigger problem to deal with than a few hair extension bonds that have slipped out.

How To Separate Hair Extension Bonds

Separating your hair extension bonds is the simple processes of making sure after your hair is washing and dried, you run your fingers through your bonds.  Think of it like counting your bonds, working your way through each one by one, making sure each is separate from the one either side and above it.

It should take you no longer than a few minutes a day, and is the key difference between hair extensions that have been cared for correctly, and hair extensions which have been neglected resulting in possible hair damage.

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How To Untangle Hair Extension Bonds

If you find that your hair extension bonds have become tangled, it’s really important that you take the steps to correct this as quickly as possible.  Your first step would be to see if it is possible to separate the bond yourself.  If you check your bonds daily, then 1 bond that has tangled with another will be easy to separate simply by gently pulling the 2 apart.  If however you do not check your bonds regularly, and have found a cluster of bonds that are tangled together, it is very unlikely that you can separate them with a gentle tug.

What To Do If Your Hair Extension Bonds Are Matted

If you have found your hair extensions bonds to be matted at the root, and are now in little clusters of bonds rather than individual strands, you must contact your hair extension technician immediately to book in for a maintenance appointment.  Once hair extension bonds begin to tangle, the condition of your hair can be damaged, and the problem is only likely to get worse over time.

Your hair extension technician is most likely to remove the sections of bonds that are tangled so that the natural hair underneath can be brushed through, and the bonds can be refitted.  Your hair extension technician is well within her right to charge for this service, as tangled hair extension bonds are a sign of neglected aftercare that she/he has no control over.

Will Matted Hair Extension Bonds Damage My Natural Hair?

If your hair extension bonds are matted and tangled, this will mean that they are fairly difficult to remove, resulting in possible damage to your natural hair.  This is why it is so important to look after your hair extension bonds correctly.  Your hair extension fitter will be able to remove all tangled hair extension bonds in most cases, however depending on how neglected the hair extensions have been by the wearer, this may result in unavoidable hair breakage.

If you have suffered from hair damage through the use of hair extensions, the use of an intensive conditioning treatment can help in the process of restoring and improving the quality of your natural hair.

How To Repair Damaged Hair

If your hair has been damaged through the use of hair extensions, be that from tangled hair extension bonds or other signs of neglect, you will need to take a few healthy steps towards restoring the condition of your natural hair.

One of the best ways to do this is through intensive natural conditioning treatments, to give your hair an injection of health and nourishment.

Our pre-shampoo treatment is an all natural and organic conditioning hair masks which helps to restore tired and damaged hair.  Simply apply 1 sachet to dry hair, leaving the formula to soak into your hair, and wash out with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

Your hair should begin to feel smooth, healthy and strong once again.  Use regularly for optimum results.