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How To Wear Hair Extensions At The Gym

If you are a gym goer, you will know the challenges of working out with long hair, and how difficult it can be when you realise you have arrived for your work out with no hair tie.  If you wear hair extensions, this can be doubly annoying, as hair extensions tend to be thick as well as long, making for a very sweaty gym session. 

As many of our customers love to spend some of their free time in the gym, we are here to give you our top tips for looking after your hair extensions when you are a gym lover.

How should you wear hair extensions while working out at the gym?

Long hair should always to tied back when working out, as not only is it more comfortable and less sweaty, but it stops the hair from being caught in any of the machinery.

There are many styles you could opt for when you are working out, however the most important element regardless of the style, is that the hair is neat and tidy, is away from the neck, and preferably doesn’t leave too much loose that could get caught inside some of the equipment.

A good example of this would be a high bun.  High buns keep the hair away from the neck, and all of the hair secured nicely to the head, however it is important to remember that the style should be neat.  This means that you would want to style a ballerina bun instead of a messy bun.  The reason for this is that when you get hot and sweaty, the humidity and moisture can make your hair more difficult to brush.  If you have secured your hair in a messy bun you are more likely to find it difficult to remove your bun, resulting in you pulling on the strands and potentially damaging the hair.  By having a ballerina bun instead, you will easily be able to remove the bun when you have finished, protecting your hair extensions from any damage.

For similar reasons, a plait is a better option that a basic ponytail.  A basic ponytail leaves the hair free to get caught in machinery, and also encourages it to become tangled and in need of a good brush once you leave the gym.  By opting for a plait instead, your hair is fair more secure, and will be much easier to brush through once you have finished.

In addition to the above, you will also need to remember to think about your hair extension fixings if you wear permanent hair extensions like micro ring, nano rings or tape.  If you tie your hairstyle too tight, you’ll run the risk of damaging your hair extensions, and over time you can actually start to loosen the bond, resulting in your hair extensions slipping and even coming out.

If you have clip in extensions, the best way to protect this is to simply remove them.  Not only will it prevent them from getting tangled and in the way, but it will also protect them from sweat and over-washing too.

Can Sweat Damage Hair Extensions?

No one likes having sweaty hair, but it is part and parcel of working out.  When it comes to sweat however, the salt content from your sweat can impact your hair extensions and the fixings holding your extensions in place. Sweat mainly consists of water and electrolytes[1].  These electrolytes are made up of mainly sodium and chloride, in other words, a high amount of salt (approximately 500mg/1lb sweat)[2]

As there is such a high salt content in sweat, allowing your hair extensions to be regulalry exposed to this can cause the hair to feel dry, knotty, and more prone to tangling.

Sweat not only affects your hair extensions but also your own natural hair too. As sweat is a combination of salts, water and a little bit of protein, it will not only dry out your scalp but can prevent the regrowth of your hair[3].

Once the hair is wet (no matter if thats from water or sweat), it becomes easier to stretch and therefore easier to damage, causing hair breakages, and changes to its texture. The salt from sweat can even fade your hair colour too.

So no matter what form of exercise you’re doing, or if you have extensions or not, you definitely need to be protecting your hair from sweat as much as possible by keeping your hair tied up and out the way, to prevent less sweat being absorbed.

Keep Your Hair Extensions Safe During Your Workouts

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Caring For Your Hair Extensions

As a general rule, it is best practice to reduce the number of time a week you wash your hair extensions to around 2-3.  This is because washing your hair strips away natural oils, therefore the less you wash it the healthier it will be.  When you go the gym however, you will need to be washing your hair after every session in order to remove sweat and salt from sitting on the hair for too long.

In order to still go to the gym but also protect your hair extensions, it is a good idea to try to sync your workouts with the days that you need to wash your hair, to reduce the risk of over washing your hair extensions.

If you do have to wash your hair more than the recommended times, then give your extensions a helping hand with our HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix hair mask. Designed to coat your hair extensions with nourishing natural oils, it will help your hair extensions to remain soft and healthy. 

Top Tip For Hair Extension Wearers

Why not apply our HairExtensionsBFF Hairapeutix mask before you work out? That way, while your body is busy working out, your hair will be receiving a little pamper of its own, receiving the goodness and nourishment from our all natural treatment. Then when you hit the shower afterwards, you can rinse the treatment out and both your body and hair will be good to go.

By doing this, you’ll also prevent sweat from being absorbed into the hair, as the hair is already fully saturated by our treatment.

Drying Your Hair Extensions After A Workout

Once you have finished your workout and washed your hair extensions, you’ll need to dry them. This is such an important step when cleaning hair extensions and it is always a good idea to let your hair extensions air dry slightly before blow drying them, to restrict the damage from the heat.

For more information on how to dry your hair extensions, we have two fantastic guides for you to take a look at; How to dry your hair extensions and How to dry clip-in extensions. 

The tools you use when detangling your hair are extremely important when it comes to caring for your hair extensions and increasing their longevity. Most normal brushes haven’t been designed to adapt to hair that has bonds or wefts in, let alone managing to brush through the hair extensions without pulling on the strands and causing damage.

The award winning HairExtensionsBFF Hair Extension Brush was designed specifically for hair extensions and has a two bristle design, making it easier to not only detangle but to style your hair safely.  Its gentle design is why it was crowned best multi purpose brush at the 2019 hair awards, the only consumer judged awards process.  Read more about our win here.