What Is A Pre Shampoo Treatment, And How Do I Use It?

What Is A Pre Poo Treatment?

A pre shampoo treatment is an intensive conditioning formula that is used before you wash your hair.  Pre poo (as it is also known) conditioning treatments are designed to restore dry hair, hence why they are applied before washing. Why? It allows the pre-poo to soak into the hair, conditioning deeply and intensely.

Pre shampoo conditioners are typically natural, as they are created to be similar to the hairs natural oil, Sebum. This oil is produced in the scalp via sebaceous glands, and its role is to keep our own hair soft, manageable and shiny.  Our article on The importance of Sebum and natural oils for hair health, is a fantastic read to help you understand its role within hair care

Who Can Use A Pre Shampoo Hair Treatment?

Pre shampoo treatments are generally intensive conditioning treatment for hair extensions and natural hair. They are a fantastic choice for a number of reasons, including; for those that are looking for a natural conditioner for their hair, those looking to improve the overall health and condition of their hair, as well as giving a helping hand to dry, damaged hair.

Pre shampoo oil works by absorbing into the hair, in a similar way to naturally produced sebum, helping to restore hair quality and improve shine and strength. Overnight pre shampoo treatments have been used for centuries across the whole globe, and are designed to be made of natural and organic oils.

How To Use Pre Poo Treatment On Your Hair

Pre shampoo hair treatments are rapidly growing in popularity, leaving many people asking; how to pre poo, and what will and how will it improve the quality of natural hair or hair extensions?

The best pre poo treatments to use are oil based, as we’re looking to replicate the effects of sebum. The oils used in your pre shampoo treatment should be absorbent, so they can penetrate beneath the hair’s shaft and not sit on top, unlike traditional shampoos and conditioners. Therefore it is extremely important you are using the right combination of products, to truly get all the goodness from the natural oils to replenish your hair.

Oils such as coconut oil, almond oil, and avocado oil have all been shown to have absorbent, replenishing properties, and are perfect as a pre shampoo treatment.

So when you are looking for a pre poo for natural hair, or a pre poo for hair extensions, it’s crucial to select a natural oil or multiple natural oils, that are of high quality and contain no chemicals or silicones.

Step By Step Guide To Using A Pre Poo Hair Treatment

Step 1:

Take one sachet and tear along the dotted line.  A little tip – if you remove the corner you create an easy to pour, spout like shape.

Ensure your hair is DRY and brushed, and apply one sachet worth of treatment focusing on the tips of the hair and mid lengths.  If you are wearing hair extensions make sure you do not apply directly to the hair extension bonds.

Once all the lotion has been applied, fold the corner to seal the sachet and put to one side (you will need this again later).

Step 2:

Secure your hair in a low ponytail or bun so your hair is out of the way, and allow for overnight conditioning while you sleep.

The longer the treatment can soak and infuse the hair, the better replenished it will be. This is especially so when it is allowed to work overnight, so important nutrients and thirst quenching goodness can soak into your hair. If however, you don’t have time to sleep with the product overnight, a 30-60 minute treatment will also work wonders.

Step 3:

In the morning (or once your 30-60 minutes are up), wash your hair as normal with shampoo and conditioner, focusing on the mid length and ends to ensure all of the product is fully removed.

You can then dry and style your hair as usual, revealing nourished, soft, and protected hair.

Once styled, grab the sachet you put to one side earlier, and run your finger around the inside of the packet to collect any residue left and apply it to tame flyways. It’s a great way to further protect your locks, finish your look, and of course the perfect excuse to apply more of that delicious natural fragrance.

Hairapeutix Top Tip:

When using as a finished product, less is definitely more, you will only want to use a very small amount for a lightweight finishing treatment. Covering just the tip of your finger and spreading this across your palms will do just fine.

So, fancy seeing the results of a pre shampoo treatment for yourself? Grab yourself our natural, pre poo treatment, and enjoy the feeling of nourished, shining, healthy hair once more.

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