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What Is A Pre Shampoo Treatment, And How Do I Use It?

What Does Pre-Shampoo Mean?

Pre Shampoo treatments have been around for hundreds of years, however it is only very recently that they have seeped into the mainstream as a must for those wanting to improve the condition of their hair and protect it from damage.

Pre Shampoo, or pre poo as it is sometimes known, means applying a treatment to your hair when it is still dry.  Essentially it means “before shampoo”, so it is like applying the conditioner first and then the shampoo second.

How To Pre Poo Hair Extensions

Step 1:  Ensure your hair is DRY and brushed, and apply one sachet worth of HairExtensionsBff treatment focusing on the tips of the hair and mid lengths.  If you are wearing permanent hair extensions make sure you do not apply directly to the hair extension bonds. If you are treating clip in hair extensions you can apply the oil all the way up to the clips.

Step 2: Once all the product has been applied, fold the corner to seal the sachet and put to one side (you will need this again later).

Step 3:  If you are wearing permanent hair extensions like micro rings, nano rings, a weft etc, secure your hair in a low braid so your hair is out of the way, and allow for overnight conditioning while you sleep.  If you are treating clip in hair extensions, lay each strip on a towel and allow the treatment to soak overnight.

The longer the treatment can soak and infuse the hair, the better replenished it will be. Ideally the product would be left overnight to be washed out in the morning, however, if you don’t have time to sleep with the product overnight, a 30-60 minute treatment will also work wonders.

Step 4:  In the morning (or once your 30-60 minutes are up), wash your hair as normal with shampoo and conditioner, for optimum results use HairExtenisonsBff shampoo and conditioner link to products, focusing on the mid length and ends to ensure all of the product is fully removed.  The product should wash out relatively easily, however you may need to shampoo twice depending on how thick your hair is.

Step 5:  You can then dry and style your hair as usual, revealing nourished, soft, and protected hair.  If your hair extensions are especially dry or damaged, we would recommend continuing with the treatment weekly to further improve the quality, and to prevent future damage.

Step 6:  Once styled, grab the sachet you put to one side earlier, and run your finger around the inside of the packet to collect any residue left and apply it to tame flyways. It’s a great way to further protect your locks, finish your look, and of course the perfect excuse to apply more of that delicious natural fragrance.

HairExtensionsBff Top Tip:

When using as a finished product, less is definitely more, you will only want to use a very small amount for a lightweight finishing treatment. Covering just the tip of your finger and spreading this across your palms will do just fine.

How To Pre Poo Natural Hair

Our pre shampoo treatment has been designed for hair extensions, as these are prone to becoming dry quickly as they do not recieve any natural oils from the scalp.  Despite this however, our treatment has been found to also work wonders on natural hair, especially hair that has been damaged by bleach, colouring and over styling.  If your natural hair is in need of a deep conditioning treatment, follow these steps to nourish your hair with our treatment.

Step 1:  Brush through your hair to remove any knots of tangles.

Step 2:  Apply 1 sachet of HairExtensionsBff treatment to your hair, working your way up all the way to the scalp.  Natural oils can also benefit the scalp, so give the treatment a massage into your scalp to fully coat the hair.

Step 3:  If your natural hair is long, braid the hair to keep the oil away from your clothes.  If your hair is short you may be able to leave it down, or tie it back into a low ponytail if it is possible.

Step 4:  For optimum results, leave the treatment on overnight, however if you are in a rush, leave the treatment in for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Step 5:  Rinse the treatment with warm water, and then wash your hair as normal with shampoo and conditioner.  Our HairExtensionsBff shampoo and conditioner is a lightweight formular, so if your natural hair is damaged, our products will still be suitable for you. Link to shampoo and conditioner.

Step 6:  You can now style your hair as normal.  Your hair should feel soft and nourished after its treatment, however if your hair is very damaged, we would recommend continuing the treatment weekly.

Best Pre Shampoo Treatments

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best types of pre shampoo treatments are those which are made of natural oils.  Natural oils have excellent hair moisturising properties as they are absorbent, so can work their way in, around, and under the hairs cuticle.  Whilst natural oils are hugely beneficial in terms of haircare, not all hair oils are equal in their benefits to the hair. Some oils are classed as “absorbent”, whilst others are “adsorbent”.  Adsorbent oils will sit on top of the hair, and have more of a waxy consistency which will be no good for your hair, especially if you are wearing hair extensions as it will be very hard to wash out, therefore it is essential that when choosing a pre shampoo hair mask, you are choosing one that it made of absorbent natural oils.

The other key benefit to using a pre shampoo treatment that contains ONLY natural oils, is that natural oils work best to mimic sebum.  Sebum is the natural oil produced from the scalp that nourishes hair and keeps it shiny and soft.

There are many different hair mask and pre shampoo treatment available in the market, however many of these contain cheaper synthetic ingredients along side natural oils, including silicones.  These act as a barrier on the hair shaft and coat the hair rather than working into it like a natural oil would. Whilst silicones are an essential feature in some conditioning treatments, they are not beneficial when using a product as a pre shampoo treatment, so it is important to always check the ingredients when looking for the best pre shampoo treatment for you hair.

Coconut Oil Pre Poo

One of the best pre shampoo oils to use is coconut oil.  It has exceptional hair nourishing properties, and it one of the few oils known for its beneficial effect on hair quality.  Finding a pre shampoo that contains coconut oil is a great start to introducing a pre shampoo treatment into your hair care routine, however there are many other oils which also have beneficial properties for hair such as amla oil, almond oil, olive oil and avocado oil.

Is A Pre Shampoo A Hair Mask?

Yes, a pre shampoo is a hair mask, however rather than washing your hair with shampoo and then applying the product to wet hair like a traditional hair mask,  a pre shampoo is a hair mask that you apply to the hair BEFORE you wash it.

Is a Pre Shampoo A Deep Conditioning Treatment?

Yes, because the product is applied to dry hair rather than wet, it can work deeply into the hair, leaving it soft, silky and shiny.  It is especially beneficial for those looking to revive their hair or hair extensions if they have become dry and damaged.

Why Should We Pre Shampoo Our Hair?

There is a very good reason why it is beneficial to pre shampoo your hair, and this is to do with the way the hair reacts when it is dry and when it is wet.  Hair is absorbent, therefore in order to explain how a pre shampoo works, it is helpful to think of hair like a sponge. When you wash your hair, you soak the hair in water to make it wet, much like a sponge would fill with water if it was placed into a bath.  Now when you come to apply conditioner to your hair, as it is already full of water it cannot soak in any more liquid, and therefore the product sits on top of the hair shaft. This can work to make the hair feel shiny and soft, however it is just coating and masking the true damage that is underneath.  This is how a traditional conditioner works and is why a pre shampoo is more beneficial in the long term.

Using Conditioner Before Shampoo

With a pre shampoo, as you are applying the treatment to the hair when it is dry, this means that the hair can soak in the treatment, working beneath the surface.  This helps to revive your hair as your hair can soak in the properties of the treatment rather than just having them sit on the hairs surface. The longer you leave a pre shampoo treatment to work the better, so many treatments are designed for overnight use.  You can then wash out the treatment as normal, and apply your conditioner as normal. The difference is quite remarkable, you will wonder why you had never pre shampooed your hair before once you give it a go.

Who Can Use A Pre Shampoo Hair Treatment?

Pre shampoo treatments are suitable for all hair types, especially those that are damaged, for example hair extensions which are no longer attached to the scalp, or hair that has been bleached, coloured, or over styled with heated tools.

HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix Treatment

Here at HairExtensionsBff, we are experts in all things hair extensions.  We understand how to make your hair extensions last as long as possible and look as great as possible.  We have created a specialist formula which mixes all of the most beneficial natural oils in quantities that work to improve the look, feel and quality of your hair.  Coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil and amla oil are mixed inside each of our handy sachets to provide the perfect dose of nourishment for your hair extensions.  

So, fancy seeing the results of a pre shampoo treatment for yourself? Grab yourself our natural, pre poo treatment, and enjoy the feeling of nourished, shining, healthy hair once more.