Can I Improve My Hair Through A Better Diet?

How To Improve Hair Quality

When thinking of ways to achieve healthy hair, your diet isn’t always the first thing that springs to mind- it’s often overlooked and is actually an essential component to achieving healthy hair. Just like the skin, the quality of your hair is a reflection of what’s going on inside of your body. For the hair to grow as healthily and quickly as possible, your diet needs an efficient amount of protein, iron, nutrients, vitamins and hydration.

Diet For Better Hair

If you are looking for a diet for healthy hair, you must ensure the meals you are eating including a sufficient amount of protein, iron, vitamin C, omega 3 and super foods.

The Importance Of Protein For Healthy Hair

A main component of hair is a protein called keratin. Protein can repair weakness in the hair strands and follicles, however too much or too little in your diet can result in brittleness or even hair loss in extreme cases.  It is for this reason that having a sufficient amount of protein in your diet is vital for healthy hair growth.  Finding a balance in your diet that supports the right protein levels is very important, therefore look to strong sources such as nuts, fish, meat, lentils, avocado, eggs etc to ensure your body and hair is getting enough.

Improve Hair Growth With Iron

Iron is also very important for your hair growth and can be found in similar foods to those listed above, as well as brown rice and green leafy vegetables. Through a lack of iron, it is possible to develop a condition known as Anaemia, which is a major cause for hair loss.  Anaemia is a condition which means that the body doesn’t have a rich enough supply of red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen in the blood which is crucial for hair growth.  Without a healthy supply of red blood cells the follicle and hair root cannot thrive off the blood supply which can result in thinning and/or hair loss.  Ensuring your diet is rich in iron should help to prevent conditions such as anaemia, as well as feeding your hair to ensure it has the ability to grow healthily.

Better Hair Development With Extra Vitamin C

Alongside Iron, Vitamin C is essential for your hair’s development. Vitamin C contributes to the absorption of iron in the body, and so including more Vitamin C in your diet makes your iron intake more worthwhile. In addition to this, it’s also an antioxidant and holds cleansing values. Vitamin C rich foods consist mainly of fruit and veg such as kiwi fruits, oranges, papaya, pineapple, chili peppers and kale.

Achieve Shiny Hair With Omega 3

The final most vital ingredient for healthy hair is Omega-3. Fatty acids rich in Omega-3 are important as our body cannot produce these by itself, therefore we rely on food supplements to compensate for this. For strong, shiny hair we must ensure that we include enough Omega-3 acids in our diet, as not only do the acids protect us from disease, they ensure that the body can produce the healthiest possible hair by hydrating the scalp and allowing it to produce the oils the hair cuticles needs to stay hydrated. Omega-3 is predominantly found in oily fish such as salmon and sardines, as well as avocado and walnuts.

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