The Importance Of Sebum And Natural Oils For Hair Health

What Is Sebum?

Sebum is the oil produced from sebaceous glands which are located all over the scalp.  Sebum is produced and then passed through the hair follicles, out at the root of the hair, before slowly making its way down the hair shaft. It’s a natural oil which sustains the quality of hair, and is nature’s ultimate conditioner.

Why Is Sebum Important

The key importance of sebum in haircare is its ability to condition and protect our natural hair, keeping it soft, easy to manage and and protected from the environment.  Sebum oil is often referred to as “grease”, and it considered a nuisance by most, however many fail to realise the true importance of sebum for haircare, and the lessons that can be learn from the production of sebum and taken into our daily hair routines.

Benefits Of Sebum

As already mentioned, the purpose of sebum is to condition and protect our natural hair.  Natural hair sebum is produced by our bodies in response to how much is required for each particular individual, with some producing more than others.  Over time many find themselves with overactive sebaceous glands as a result of excessive hair washing, whereby they hair becomes “greasy” within 24-48 hours of hair washing.  The more the hair is washed and the sebum oil is washed away, our body responds by producing more, as it is required to protect the hair.  Therefore if you wash your hair daily, you will find that your hair will produce far more sebum “grease”, than an individual who only washes their hair once a week.

Is Sebum Good For Hair

YES YES YES!  Although many consider sebum to be an inconvenience, sebum truly does benefit the quality, texture and appearance of your hair.  With the role of sebum being to keep hair conditioned, and with our tendency to over wash our hair, often natural hair sebum is not able to make its way all the way down the hair shaft, which is why many of us find we experience dry, brittle ends.  If the sebum were allowed to travel to the tips of the hair, the role of sebum would be extended right the way through your precious tresses, and the sebum benefits would be even more apparent.  Unfortunately for most this is not an option, as allowing our hair to become greasy to the point that it covers the entire head of hair is simply unthinkable…fortunately we have the answer!

All Natural Sebum Treatment

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Sebum Hair Treatment

The answer to a sebum treatment for dry hair (or hair extensions which receive absolutely no sebum what so ever), is an all natural pre shampoo treatment.

HairapeutixWhy Is a Pre-Shampoo Treatment Used As A Sebum Replacement?

An all natural pre shampoo treatment is perfect for those looking for a sebum hair treatment without having to allow their hair to become uncomfortably greasy!

A pre shampoo treatment is applied to dry hair so that is can soak into the hair shaft much like sebum does when naturally produced from the scalp.  The pre shampoo is then left, preferably overnight, to condition the hair, before it is washed out in the morning with your usual shampoo and conditioner.

HairapeutixBenefits Of A Sebum Hair Treatment

Using an all natural pre shampoo as a sebum hair treatment allows you to condition the full length of your hair overnight, benefiting from all of the beautiful natural oils contained within the formula.

Hairapeutix pre-shampoo is a luxury blend of natural and organic hair oils, including coconut, almond, avocado and more.

Not only will our treatment make your hair feel amazing, but we have included a stunning natural fragrance for the ultimate pampering.

Suitable for all hair types, including hair extensions.

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Available in 2 sizes, an all natural and organic intensive conditioning treatment.  Suitable for all hair types (including hair extensions).