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Hair Extensions Conditioner

How It Works:  Our hair extension conditioner is SLS and Sodium Chloride Free.  When choosing our formula, we selected ingredients that would work best with your hair extensions, cleaning them effectively, ensuring they feel soft and smell great, but eliminating ingredients that are known to cause dryness and irritation.  Suitable for daily use.

Works Like Magic On Both Hair Extensions & Natural Hair.

Tested On HairExtensionsBFF Hunnies Not Bunnies

Suitable for:

Your Hair

Hair Extensions

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Give Me Deets!

SLS & Sodium Chloride Free… tried and tested on all leading hair brands!

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to #wevegotyourback

“I wouldn’t use any other oil on my hair extensions other than Hairapeutix. Its the only one I could find that was genuinely natural and actually works.”

— Purchased HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix

So…how do I use it?

After shampooing, apply to mid-lengths, perform your best Beyonce track, rinse…you know how Conditioner works!

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Suitable for:

Hair Extensions and Natural Hair