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Dual Bristle Hair Extension Brush AKA the brush that’s doing the most!

Hair extensions demand extra care which is why the HairExtensionsBff Hairbrush utilises two types of bristles; boar bristles and round head bristles.

How it works:  By combining two types of bristles, the long flexi bristles are able to work around the bonds or clips without pulling or tugging which can result in the hair extensions becoming loose.  In addition, each flexi bristle is surrounded by a cluster of boar bristles, designed to smooth the cuticle, and prevent frizz and static.  Perfect for everyday use to keep your hair extensions tangle free, shiny and manageable.

Awards: Winner of the 2019 Hair Awards Best Multi Purpose Brush!


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Give Me Deets!

At HairExtensionsBff we don’t do basic, we create, try, test and design products specifically for Hair Extensions and our brush is no exception! Because let’s be real, when your Hair Extensions begin to matte, that’s scary AF!

“Just tried this for the first time. I’m amazed with how soft my extensions feel. I only left it an for an hour. Can’t wait to let it soak in over night next time. Love this stuff. Hope they start to sell other hair extension products.”

— Purchased HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix

So…how do I use it?

Suitable for all types of human hair extensions. Whatever the type or brand of extensions you wear, this hairbrush is going to be your hair extensions’ holy grail.

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Weight 250 g
Why Am I Special?

Our hair extension brush has been designed with dual bristle technology in order to offer the maximum protection for your hair extensions. The long flexi bristles are super thin and flexible in order to brush through your hair without pulling on the bonds or clips. The boar bristles are shorter and surround each flexi bristle, designed to smooth the cuticle, whilst preventing static and frizz.


Winner of the "Best Multi Purpose Brush" for the 2019 Hair Awards.