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Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo Treatment

How It Works: 

Designed for huns who’s Hair Extensions NEED hydration!  Our treatment is a 100% natural formula that is designed to work in the same way sebum works on natural hair.  Sebum is the oil produced naturally from the scalp which keeps hair soft and silky.  Use the treatment BEFORE shampooing to allow it to soak into the hair and revitalise, condition and restore tired hair extensions… basically giving you back your dream hair before it got ruined!

Awards: We are super proud to have been made a finalist for the 2019 Hair Awards as “Star Product”.

Shower Comb

How It Works:  Did you know that when your hair is wet it is at its weakest and most prone to damage?

The wide teeth are designed to ensure you comb your hair slowly to remove tangles when wet, in order to prevent breakage.  Our comb is also perfect for spreading your Hairapeutix treatment through your hair extensions to get full coverage, and for using to comb your hair extensions during shampooing and conditioning in order to reduce how tangled the hair is once washed.

Suitable for:

Your Hair

Hair Extensions

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Give Me Deets!

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Amla Oil, Natural Vanilla Fragrance. 100% natural ingredients, no nasties.

Comb - A super simple and sleek design to glide through your wet hair extensions whilst washing/treating your hair extensions. Hair extensions are at the weakest when they are wet, so it is super important to remove tangles slowly to prevent breakage or damage to the cuticle.

Just received this a used immediately as I have a busy weekend.. Left on for just over 30 mins and washed out.. Omg the results are amazing my extension look brand new that’s just 30 mins excited to use over night.

— Purchased HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix

So…how do I use it?

Hairapeutix – Warm sachet in hands for a few seconds to fully liquefy the contents (because it’s natural AF it’s solid at room temperature). Apply the magic oil to mid lengths and ends of hair. You can rinse out after 30 minutes and follow up with Hairapeutix Shampoo OR we recommend being extra and leaving it on all night long!

For Comb – Use in the shower after applying each product, to gently comb through any tangles, achieve maximum coverage and prevent putting pressure on the bonds.

Feeling extra, buy the whole range!


Hairapeutix Ultra (8 Treatments), The Shower Comb

Why Am I Special?

Hairapeutix – Using a 100% natural oil on your hair extensions replaces the sebum that your hair receives from the scalp. Sebum is what keeps hair so soft and silky, therefore by adding a carefully blended formula of natural oils to replace the sebum to your routine is the ultimate path to conditioned, easy to manage hair extensions.

Comb – Use me to comb through your Hairapeutix Hair Extension Treatment, or to comb though tangles gently when your hair is wet and at its weakest.


We are super proud that our Hairapeutix treatment is a finalist for the 2019 Hair Awards as "Star Product".