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No new friends needed…this box of HEBFF goodies is the ultimate in hair extension care. Yay Me!


Hair extension Shampoo

Hair extension Conditioner

Hair extension Detangler

Hair extension Comb

Hair extension intensive conditioning treatment (2 Sachets of Hairapeutix Hair Mask)

Suitable for:

Your Hair

Hair Extensions

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Give Me Deets!

When it comes to hair extension care, some otc products can be absolutely savage on your new hair, therefore we created a range that is seriously EXTRA when it comes to nourishment.

Our products are designs to give you back your dream hair before it got f&*%ed!

“I just received my 1st package of pre-shampoo treatments and I am AMAZED at how they worked on my clip-in hair extensions!!! They were dry, brittle, and unmanageable and now after the Hairapeutix treatment they feel like silk, I will definitely be a customer for life! Thank you Hairapeutix!”

— Purchased HairExtensionsBff Hairapeutix

How Do I Use It?

Really? You want us to list how to use every single one of the products in the PR Box? OK, check the links…shampoo, conditioner, shower comb, hairapeutix and the detangler,.

Feeling extra, buy the whole range!

Pack size

2 Treatments, 8 Treatments


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